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BloodLess-SurgeryA working woman from Zambia was diagnosed to have large multiple fibroids in her uterus (size of the uterus – approximately the size of a 7 months pregnancy uterus) and she was advised for a surgical removal of uterus. But there were some issues; her blood group was B negative - a very rare blood group, she had a previous caesarean section - causing adhesions of the urinary bladder. Both situations co-existing were making surgery very risky. Furthermore, she belonged to the Jehovah’s Witness community - who believes that blood transfusion should not be done.

She was refused the surgery by her native surgeons due to the possibility of a huge blood loss and consequently a blood transfusion.

She sought consultation from Dr. Uddhav Raj, an internationally trained Gynecological, Endoscopic and Pelvic Cancer surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital, Navi Mumbai. Dr Raj studied her case and decided to operate on her giving due consideration to all her pre-conditions.

During surgery, Dr. Raj encountered innumerable fibroids occupying all the walls of uterus and were huge sized; ranging from 10 - 14 cm in diameter. These fibroids were inside the body of the uterus making individual removal of fibroids, challenging. Hence, he used his trademarked technique of Bloodless Laprascopic Surgery, which he does with an indigenously developed electronic machine developed in co – ordination with a bio medical engineer. Dr Raj specializes in this surgery and is in great demand – due to his large experience, skilled hands and safety.

The 3500 gram fibroid uterus was successfully removed along with all the fibroids from the abdominal cavity. The woman was discharged from the hospital the next day and she has already flown back home and resumed her duties.

There is a common myth among the people that laparoscopic removal of fibroids is incomplete. This successful surgery surely dispels that myth.

Dr Raj and his team opined that the fibroid was very big and they have seen such a big fibroid for the 1st time. But they are very happy with the success of the surgery considering the fact that the patient was having a rare blood group, B negative and she didn’t wanted to undergo a blood transfusion.

Approximately 30% of women have fibroids in the uterus, which may create problems like excessive bleeding, lump, abdominal pain or infertility. When any of these symptoms occur alone or in combination medical or surgical advice becomes necessary.

Dr Uddhav Raj  (98203 19676)

Gynecological, Endoscopic and Pelvic Minimal Invasive Cancer Surgeon
Wockhardt Hospital, Navi Mumbai.

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