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Brain is the organ that has a control over various organs of the body. Since it is a vital organ, therefore, the complications related to it are also not so easy to be resolved. Brain tumors, cerebral aneurysms and brain hemorrhage are some of the conditions in which a patient might have to go for a brain surgery.
There are different types of brain surgery which are dependent on the type and location of the tumor. This is mainly performed on the patients to treat any type of lesions or damage in the part of brain. Sometime patient do also get the nearby area damaged. So along with treating the damaged part the surgeons do also care for the surrounding damage while they do brain surgery. Surgeons could perform one of the many types of brain surgery for the treatment of the brain tissue at Wockhardt, which has the finest surgeons. We are considered for being one of the top service providers of brain surgery throughout the world.
We at Wockhardt Hospitals perform many types of brain surgeries. Since the brain surgery is considered as a most delicate procedure, this is why; we at Wockhardt take utmost care of the patient.
Basically, there are mainly two types of brain cancer which might require surgery: They are:
1.    Primary brain cancer
2.    Metastatic brain cancer

Primary brain cancer is the one which begins from the brain itself whereas in metastatic brain cancer type, the problem starts in some other body part but finally moves towards the brain.

When the brain is involved there are many types of surgeries which include:

-Brain Aneurysm Surgery
-Bleeding Brain Surgery
-Brain Tumor Surgery
-Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery
-Meningioma Brain Surgery
-Brain Surgery
-Endoscopic Brain Surgery

One of the common brain problems is the alterations being found in the cerebrospinal fluid. This can cause infection as well as brain swelling, which is known as hydrocephalus. Patients of such disease are found to be with an enlarged head. In such case, the brain surgery is essential in which the surgeons drain out the fluid which is causing the infection in the brain.
The brain surgery is done after giving general anesthesia to the patient. The hair on the patient’s scalp is shaved off to perform the surgery. A hole is drilled in the scalp so that the neurosurgeon is able to reach the affected part of the brain. Once the surgery is over, the skin is again put to normal by stitching it up whereas the excess blood is drained outside the brain.
Aneurysm surgery is done on the patient, with weak blood vessels connecting to the brain or the blood vessels are affected with infection.
Another type of brain surgery is known as Stereotactic radio surgery which is done without the use of any scalpel or any type of incision. In this type of surgery, radiations are given exactly at the tumors which have been affecting the brain.
Whatever be the case, Wockhardt specialists are there to cure any type of brain ailments with the latest technology being used for the treatments.

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