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Wockhardt Hospitals has partnerships with a number of insurance companies and Third Party Administrators (TPA).

  • ALANKIT : Alankit Health Care limited (AHCL) is a licensed TPA that started its operations in November 2003. The company is equipped to handle over 1 million policy holders. With state-of-the-Art technology and in-house software maintained by the best software brains, the company has managed to bring down process time for the various services it provides to its customers.

  • DHS : Dedicated Healthcare Service TPA (India) Private Limited was formed to operate in the Health Care Services area as Third Party Administrators. As a TPA, Dedicated Healthcare provides services of claims processing and management and cashless admissions into network hospitals to those who are insured.

  • GENINS : Genins India TPA Ltd., Third Party Administrators in Health Insurance originally founded in 1996 as an insurance intermediary promoted by insurance professionals and doctors. Genins is one of the top 7 companies in the country in terms of volume of business, having provider's network of more than 2400 hospitals in 345 cities in 22 states and 3 Union Territories.

  • EMSL : Established in 2000, E-Meditek TPA ServicesLtd (EMSL) is one of the first Third Party Administrators to receive a license from The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. It has emerged as one of the largest TPA in the Insurance Industry serving nearly 4.5 million lives with more than 70% growth year on year for the last 5 years. It is a strong network of 38 full functional branches and representative offices that provide quality services to their enrolled members through a strong network of over 3000 hospitals across the country.

  • MD INDIA : MD India Healthcare Services, a licensed TPA was founded in November 2000. They are one of the leading companies in the insurance sector. The company has been successful because of its ability to anticipate the future requirements of the Health Insurance industry.

  • MEDI ASSIST : Medi Assist is a TPA that enables cashless hospitalization at pre-designated points of healthcare delivery like hospitals and nursing homes. They also settle reimbursement claims.

  • MEDSAVE : Medsave Healthcare (TPA) Ltd is a specialized healthcare management company head-quartered in New Delhi, India. It is a joint venture between Arcotech Group and Medsave USA. Medsave Group is a global facilitator of healthcare services having its presence in United States, Europe and Asia. Medsave has 34 branch offices with more than 3000 hospitals in its network in 182 cities in the country.

  • PARAMOUNT HEALTH : Paramount Health is a Managed Care Service organisation providing innovative services towards healthcare requirements. Set up in 1996, Paramount began by unfolding its Third Party Administration (TPA) services at a time when the concept of TPA itself was in a nascent stage. It is a place where the essence of commitment, quality and integrity blend into present world-class services at your doorstep.

  • TTK : TTK Health Care TPA Pvt Ltd was established in April 2002 with the mission to provide top quality TPA services to Mediclaim policyholders and be the most preferred TPA in India.

  • RAKSHA TPA : Raksha TPA Pvt. Ltd is one of the premier and most comprehensive Health service facilitators in the Indian Market. With its vast experience as a Health Service provider, Raksha TPA has emerged as one of the leading Third Party Administrators in providing unique and innovative services through web based technologies linking the insurer, the insured as well as the provider.
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