5 things about losing your virginity

5 things a gynaecologist wants you to know about losing your virginity

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We asked Dr Gandhali Deorukhkar Pillai, Consultant Obstetrics Gynaecologist, Wockhardt Hospital, South Bombay to reveal everything that one needs to know about losing the v-card.

Dr Pillai says, “You should talk to your partner about his history of sexually transmitted diseases or any kind of medication he could be on.

After you’ve received an answer to this question from your partner, here are 5 things you need to keep in mind when you’re losing your virginity:

1. You might not orgasm the first time

Sex, for the first time, doesn’t guarantee an orgasm. Your goal shouldn’t be that. A study published in the journal Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine Home observed that approximately 11 to 41 per cent of women face difficulty in climaxing with their partner.

So, do not get your hopes high but make sure you relax and enjoy the moment.

2. You can get pregnant the first time

Have you been thinking that you cannot get pregnant the first time you have sex? That’s far from the truth! If you don’t take any safety precaution, there’s always the risk of getting pregnant. So, ensure you’re aware of the different contraception methods and pick one for your first time.Virginity has countless mythical perceptions. It is time you know the actual reality. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Know about your fertility cycle

Dr Pillai says, “Tracking your menstrual cycle will give you know the dates on which you’re fertile. This will help you avoid any actions that can cause an unwanted pregnancy.”

4. You can get an STI without vaginal penetration

Apart from vaginal penetration, STI or sexually transmitted infection can also spread through oral sex or anal penetration. Hence, it is important for your partner to wear a condom all the time and not just during penetration.

5. It might be uncomfortable but it shouldn’t hurt much

The first time can be uncomfortable and painful, but it shouldn’t be extremely painful. You can use antibiotic creams for any cuts and bruises after consulting with your doctor.

You may experience pain due to the lack of lubrication but if it is extremely painful, it could be because of an underlying medical condition. Hence, if what you experience is debilitating pain, you should probably postpone the maiden act and visit a doctor.

“You might have a mild urinary tract infection or urinary burning. But, if you experience foul-smelling discharge or a lot of itching in your private parts, you must talk to your gynaecologist,” advises Dr Pillai.

So, girls, make sure you don’t just make your first time memorable but also safe!

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