Nov, 2022

Asymptomatic Breast Cancer: How To Diagnose The Unaware Symptoms Of This Tricky Cancer

Doctor: Aditi Agarwal

There are many women who won't experience any typical symptoms and they will be known to have asymptomatic breast cancers. In such cases, the disease can metastasize meaning it will spread to other parts of the body and the treatment options become more invasive. Breast cancer is one of the common cancers that the majority of women suffer from. Even though breast cancer cases are rising at a rapid rate…

Male Breast Cancer


Oct, 2022

Breast cancer in men goes underreported, say experts


According to the World Health Organisation, by the end of 2020, there will be 7.8 million women living with breast cancer globally. Breast cancer in men is unheard of and is frequently underreported because it is regarded as a “woman’s disease.” Not only does it affect men physically, but breast cancer in men also leads to emotional distress due to the stigma attached to the disease. “Breast cancer is considered…



Jun, 2022

Immunotherapy drugs may cause miracle ‘cancer disappearance’ but micrometastasis cells can bring it back, warns doctor


In a small clinical trial in the US, 18 patients took a drug for close to six months. This resulted in the disappearance of their tumours. According to the report in New York Times, usually, an immunotherapy drug is used in the treatment of endometrial cancer, but this was the first clinical investigation of whether it was also effective against rectal cancer tumours. Dr Meghal Sanghavi, an Oncosurgeon at Wockhardt…



Apr, 2022

World Health Day: Colon Cancer Cases Increasing Among Indians, Ways To Mitigate The Risk


Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, begins in the colon and rectum of the body, which are the largest parts of the digestive tract. Even though this type of cancer usually occurs in older adults, it can affect anyone of any age. Dr Shankar Zanwar, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central says that cases of colon cancer are increasing in India. Dr Zanwar cited a study comparing the total…



Feb, 2022

Prostate Cancer- why is screening so important?


Prostate Cancer- one of the most common cancers in male is also the one which is diagnosed mostly when it is already quite late. As the cancer is not having early signs and symptoms, the diagnosis often gets delayed…



Nov, 2021

A 63-year-old lady with last stage breast cancer gets a new lease of life in Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur


A 63-year-old lady who has detected breast cancer which recurred even after surgery is now leading a normal life after starting target therapy in Wockhardt hospital Nagpur. The lady was diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer in 2019 and was operated on soon after. However, after the surgery, her cancer spread to her lungs. The family of this patient, after consulting with a few doctors, chose to get her treated by…