Anxiety Attack


Feb, 2023

Anxiety may cause numbness or tingling sensation! Read 3 reasons why


If you’ve ever had tingling or numbness in your body and you also tend to be anxious in general, you must know that they are linked. Typically, when we discuss the signs and symptoms of anxiety, we mean the mental state in which a person may experience a feeling of fear, worry, concern, uneasiness, or panic. You should be aware that anxiety is a condition that is not bound to…



Dec, 2022

Too much alcohol can lead to hangxiety! Here’s how to get rid of it

Doctor: Sonal Anand

You drink several rounds of booze, get high, enjoy, and what? End up with a hangover? The majority of you must be familiar with this after-effect. Particularly if you drink too much alcohol, this occurs. And those who’ve been through it, know that it can take longer to wear off. However, among all the side effects of alcohol, one is “hangxiety”. Simply put, it occurs when you experience a headache,…



Oct, 2022

Mind their Senses! – Kids with Autism

Doctor: Natasha Tungare

Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) is characterized by deficits in communication, social interaction, failure of back-and-forth conversation, reduced sharing of interests and emotions, abnormalities in eye contact, and understanding of body language as per DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. Due to these, it becomes difficult for a child to engage with family members, and peers and to initiate group play. These difficulties occur because the child is unable to integrate and produce the sensory…



Oct, 2022

Alzheimer Disease: 7 Warning Signs And Symptoms In Elders That Shouldn’t be Ignore

Doctor: Pavan Pai

Age-related mild forgetfulness might be a regular phenomenon. If you have trouble remembering someone’s name but remember it afterward, it’s not a serious memory impairment. However, memory issues might be early indicators of Alzheimer’s disease if they significantly impact your everyday life. Although Alzheimer’s is a progressive neurological disorder, many individuals mistakenly think that it is a natural part of aging. Because of this mindset, many of us end up…



Mar, 2022

A Psychiatrist Explains How Depression Affects Sexual Health And The Ways To Deal With It


Depression can affect all aspects of life including sexual health. Both men and women can experience sexual difficulties when they go through depression. Depression causes low mood, a general disinterest, and a feeling of anhedonia—an inability to enjoy things. These low feelings also lead to an inability in being aroused, maintain arousal (erection), and inability in achieving orgasm.  We reached out to Dr. Sonal Anand, Psychiatrist at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai,…