Turning Off Phone Notifications


Dec, 2020

Psychiatrist Explains How Turning Off Phone Notifications Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Do you feel bothered by your phone notifications? The unwanted and never-ending notifications make you scroll through your phone mindlessly for hours and for no good. We don’t realize it but somehow they are affecting our mental health and sanity.  A lot of research has been done on how a phone affects the brain in terms of radiation and cancer involvement with not many convincing results. However, one thing is…

10 Early Signs Of Depression & Anxiety


Oct, 2020

A Psychiatrist’s Guide To The 10 Early Signs Of Depression & Anxiety Nobody Talks About

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Psychiatric illnesses are still considered taboo, and there is a lot of ignorance, misconception, misinformation and mysticism associated with mental health. Most of the time we are not aware of the stress and changes our bodies and minds go through, and people are scared and skeptical about visiting a psychiatrist. All this can lead to the early signs of depression and other mental health disorders which go unnoticed. We got…