7 surprising health benefits of cuddling


Nov, 2020

Love a good cuddle? Here are 7 legit reasons why you should get cozy more often

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From a jadu ki jhappi to intimate cuddling — there’s just something about holding someone closely that’s oh-so-comforting! You might not be someone who loves cuddling, but trust us, the power of touch can’t be undermined at all! Even doctors believe that it not just promotes healing, but there are several other health benefits that you get when you cuddle. According to psychiatrist, Dr Rahul Khemani from Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai,…



Nov, 2019

Reaching out to elderly-Specialized Services by Wockhardt Hospital

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The aging process impacts every aspect of an individual’s life physical, mental and emotional including family members and caregivers. The elderly often visit hospitals for a variety of different conditions. They go from one appointment to another, seeing multiple doctors with little to no coordination of care. This can be frustrating and confusing—for both patients and their loved ones, too. That is why it’s essential to provide specialized services to…