Breastfeeding myths


Sep, 2021

5 Breastfeeding myths busted by an expert

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A mother is never off-duty. Many of you would agree with us on this. Be it changing the baby’s diapers, feeding him/her, putting them to sleep, or even helping them have a burp, a mother has to do all this, that too with a smile, despite being tied-up all day. Add to this, the usual household chores, taking care of the family members and whatnot. It is a tough deal.…

stress urinary incontinence


Aug, 2021

Let’s break the barriers

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Several women suffer in silence, the discomfort, and embarrassment related to stress urinary incontinence (SUI), vaginal laxity, and the associated sexual dysfunction. They do not seek treatment, either out of ignorance or out of embarrassment, and suffer silently. The…



May, 2021

How does the pandemic impact maternal mental health? Experts explain

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The month of May is considered as Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. spoke to two Mumbai-based experts to understand the impact of the pandemic on new mothers and pregnant women, and what can be done to help them Coronavirus has caused an indelible impact on everyone’s mental health. New mothers and women who are pregnant have been one of the most vulnerable groups during this pandemic. Psychiatrist Dr. Sapna…

6 science backed remedies for PMS


Dec, 2020

Turn to these 6 science-backed remedies to get relief from PMS symptoms

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Eating right and exercising are natural ways to deal with PMS symptoms, and now science validates it too! Read on to know more about these period hacks. Several people must have given you a piece of their minds, when it comes to period cramps. Some may have advised you to drink ginger kadha, others suggest keeping a hot water bag on your lower abdomen to relax the stiff muscles. It might…