Wockhardt shares a successful story of Vivian Mulenga, her journey at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai central during the course of her treatment. She was suffering from complicated heart condition and...Read More
  • Quick intervention by the Cardiology team at Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai helped save the hand of a 65-year-old patient.

    Peripheral artery disease (PAD) primarily occurs, due to decreased blood flow to the limbs caused by a blocked artery. This can result in arm fatigue, pain, and weakness, particularly with use.Read More
  • Liver Day 2019:

    To build awareness and understanding importance of liver in human body and how liver ailments can be treated.Read More
  • Advanced techniques in cardiac surgery at Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur, improves outcome of myocardial infarct patients:

    Myocardial Infarction (MI) or heart attack causes three major types of mechanical complications that mostly result in death of the patient, if not corrected in time surgically.Read More
  • When a wound does not stop to bleed….don’t ignore the sign:

    World Haemophilia Day is on April,19 . World Haemophilia Day is recognised worldwide to increase awareness of haemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders.Read More
  • Take care of your skin in the summer:

    Summers heat can affect your skin and bring about changes. It’s necessary for you to gear up and take necessary preventive measures for your skin during this time.Read More