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Is it safe to delay the second dose of the covid-19 vaccine? A doctor speaks on the matter

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If your parents are planning to skip round two of the covid-19 vaccine then hear what a doctor has to say about it.

It has been reported that after the first shot of the covid-19 vaccine, people become so carefree that they either let go of precautionary measures or they don’t even go for the second dose.

Currently, there’s a lot of debate around when to go in for the second shot of the vaccine. Nonetheless, you’re not fully protected until and unless you’ve completed the course. Therefore, getting both shots is mandatory to get the desired protection against the novel coronavirus.

But, can the second shot be delayed? Let’s ask an expert

We talked to Dr. Bipin Jibhkate, Consultant Critical Care Medicine at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai to understand the importance of the second dose of covid-19 vaccine.

He said, “There is no doubt that taking the second shot of a vaccine is of utmost importance for the vaccine to function properly.”

But, can the second shot be delayed? Dr Jibhkate said, “Yes, there is no issue if the second vaccine shot is delayed for a week but I would recommend not to delay it any further.” 

The doctor informed us that the first shot of the vaccine is not enough to make you immune and you definitely need to go in for the second shot after a gap of 28 days.

“You can get the second shot as early as on the twenty-eighth day after getting the first shot and can delay it maximum by a week,” he recommended.

What if someone doesn’t take the second shot or delays it for a long time?

“If someone delays the second shot by three to six months of getting the first vaccine shot then they may have to take the first shot again. That’s because due to an incomplete course, the immunity level of the person goes back to what it was,” explained Dr Jibhkate. 

According to Dr. Jibhkate, the covid-19 vaccine is the best way of protecting yourself against the illness. He said, “There are some minor side-effects of this vaccine which are totally manageable and therefore, it is safe.”

He added, “In the future, single-shot vaccinations might be available but as of now, a two-shot vaccine is the only solution to safeguarding yourself against coronavirus.”

So, it is pretty clear that you need to complete the course which constitutes two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

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