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So you have made it out of the storm! Covid-19 has been a storm that is taking away a lot of lives with it. But the good part is that there is a huge number who are getting through without any major complications. So let’s focus on the positive and see how you can get better post-Covid.

Recovering from Covid-19 takes time, the duration of which is unknown. Mild cases usually take two weeks and severe cases may take up to a month or even more sometimes. And that is where the term long Covid has evolved. The current recovery rate in India is approximately above 90% which is again a good sign.

Irrespective of whether you struggled with a mild or a severe infection, your body needs time to recuperate and rejuvenate. You have just come out of a deadly disease and your body needs a break. Lethargy and fatigue post-Covid is quite normal.

You have gotten out of the disease but you need to be cautious about your health over the next few weeks. Here is a complete to-do list of post-Covid care for you:


Although your symptoms have disappeared, it is possible that you still have residual weakness and lassitude. Give yourself a break. Take some time off and help your body recover. When you are well-rested, your body can heal faster. Get your beauty sleep of 7-8 hours minimum to speed up your recovery. Avoid getting back to your old lifestyle of constant hurry. Do not immerse yourself into work right away. Stress and work can worsen your symptoms.


A healthy, nutritious, balanced diet is going to do you good. Food ensures that the path to recovery is smooth. Eat all healthy foods to gain strength and energy. Include plenty of liquids like soups, juices, coconut water in your diet. Eat a protein-rich diet to promote healing and repair. Include legumes, lentils, seeds, nuts, lean meats, and eggs for adequate protein intake. Eat 1 fruit a day and add lots of veggies to your diet. Your plate must be as colorful as the rainbow to ensure complete nutrient-packed meals.


Covid-19 is notoriously known to damage brain and neural cells. To prevent further damage and avoid future memory issues, it’s best to exercise your brain cells now. Indulge in some memory games like sudoku, mathdoku, jigsaw, crosswords, chess. Get your brain cells working and rack your brain to solve these puzzles daily. Take it slow but be consistent. It is necessary to regain your cognitive thinking abilities, memory, and increase your attention span.

With these easy post-recovery care tips, it will make your convalescent-phase smooth and quick. While trying to recover, do not lose focus on your symptoms. Watch out for any symptoms that are uncalled for. Monitor your blood oxygen levels using your pulse oximeter and look out for any new symptoms that may arise as a part of Covid-related complications. If you experience shortness of breath, severe pain or tightness in the chest, warm flushes, or anything away from your normal, consult your physician right away.


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