Know why stroke occurs suddenly? What to do as soon as symptoms appear.

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Among all neurological disorders, the most common disease is “paralysis,” which is also known as brain stroke in medical parlance. This disease, which usually occurs in old age, has recently taken its toll on the youth as well. Stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, smoking, and alcohol increase the risk of stroke. 

Even today, there is not enough awareness in our society about stroke. Most important thing is to recognize the symptoms. Accurate and early detection of symptoms helps the patient to get early treatment and consequently reduces the risk of permanent disability. For this, we ask everyone to remember the formula of “BE FAST”. B stands for Balance, E stands for Eye, F stands for Face, A stands for Arm, S stands for Speech and T stands for Time. Always remember that a stroke is a sudden onset of paralysis, which is recognized by the sudden loss of balance, squinting of the eyes, crookedness of the face, loss of strength in the limbs, and difficulty in speaking. When the blood supply to the brain is disrupted for some reason brain cells do not get enough oxygen supply through the blood, as a result, these cells start to die (almost 36,000 neurons die every second) and this affects the functioning of the body. This condition is called a stroke. 

The most important thing in this situation is “Time”. Such patients should be immediately rushed to a hospital where CT scans, MRI facility, and Neurologists are available within the first 4 ½ hours of symptoms got noticed. This 4 ½  hour period is called the ‘Golden Hour’, during which if the patient receives immediate and appropriate treatment, the effect of stroke can be prevented which results in the preservation of brain cells. In medical terminology, there is a saying ‘Time is a neuron’. In a stroke, time is a neuron. Failure to do so may possibly make the patient permanently disabled. 

If the patient arrives at the hospital within 4 ½ hours, he/she can be diagnosed and can be given a TPA injection, which dissolves the clot & improves the blood supply to the affected part of the brain. This is called thrombolysis. Before giving this medicine, the doctor makes sure that there is no bleeding in the brain. Sometimes within six to twelve hours, a test called DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) can accurately identify a blockage in a blood vessel and the blockage can be removed by a ‘Mechanical Thrombectomy’ procedure. 

At Wockhardt Hospital, Nashik, we have implemented a ‘Code White’ system for immediate treatment of paralyzed patients. In this, the paralyzed patient is thrombolysis with a proper diagnosis within 30 minutes of admission to the hospital. For this, Neurologists, Radiology Technicians, Nursing supervisors, and Pharmacists all come together immediately and TPA injections are made available just as quickly. Due to all these measures, numerous paralyzed patients have survived at Wockhardt Hospital, Nashik, and are doing well. 

In the end, all I can say is that by accurately identify the symptoms of a stroke and move the patient to the hospital within four and a half hours without fear in such a situation, the rest of the patient’s life will surely be happy. Thanks!

Dr. Vishal Sawale Patil
MD, DM (Neurology)Consultant – Neurology
Wockhardt Hospitals Nashik
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