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Role: Consultant

Dr. Prathamesh Arun Mule

M. D. ( Internal Medicine), Diploma In Diabetes (Australia)


Dr. Prathamesh Mule has had 15 years of clinical practice which includes 3 years of teaching at a medical college during Post-Graduation (JJMMC, Davangere), Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. He has also had the privilege of securing a Diploma in Diabetes in Australia, thus cementing a worldwide education and a global outlook towards medicine.


  • 15 years of Clinical Practice.
  • Consulting Physician at Motiben Dalvi Hospital, Brahman Sabha Hospital and BMO in Reserve Bank of India.
  • House Surgeon under Dr. K.K. Khandelwal, Dr. B.R. Shah and Dr. R.L. Thatte in Bhatia General Hospital for 2 months.
  • Resident Medical Officer in Sir H.N. Hospital for 5 months.
  • Registrar in ICCU in Sir H.N. Hospital for 2 months.
  • House Officer under Dr. A.B. Shah, Neurology for 5 months.

Imparting knowledge:

  • Three years of teaching experience in medical college during Post-Graduation–JJMMC, Davangere, Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

Research and publications:

  • Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in diabetes mellitus, evaluation by Doppler Echocardiography


• M. D. ( Internal Medicine)
• Diploma In Diabetes (Australia)


Dr. Prathamesh Mule is one of the talents Wockhardt Hospitals South Mumbai is proud to have.

• Infectious Diseases
• Hypertension
• Diabetes


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