Dr. Uday Chandankhede performs extremely rare case in Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur

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A 26 year old female suffering from an extremely rare ailment got a new lease of life at Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur after being successfully treated by Dr. Uday Chandankhede, Consultant-Uro-Oncologist.

She had underwent many blood, urine and radiological investigations for the same and was on antibiotics for more than a year.

Her MRI and CT scan was suggestive of mass lesion located in her bladder. For which she had underwent cystoscopic guided mass removal but the mass was not seen in the bladder.

After few months she underwent the laparoscopic surgery for the mass removal, but due to unfavourable anatomical location the mass not seen during the surgery and the procedure was abandoned. She has taken opinion from many urologist but none of them were sure about the diagnosis and was kept on observation.

Later, the patient visited Dr. Chandankhede for the opinion. On enquiring she was not suffering from the urinary tract infection but instead symptoms related to the hormones secreted by the tumour like giddiness, palpitation after passing urine. On examination her blood pressure was on normal side 110/70 but after passing urine her blood pressure increased to 180/110. Specific blood test called as plasma free nor-metanephrines showed increased levels which give rise to index of suspicion in support of diagnosis i.e secreting paraganglioma.

Paraganglioma is one the rare disease and that too extravesical paraganglioma is one of the extremely rare location. She was started on anti-hypertensive medications for 2 weeks for stabilization of hormone secretion and control of blood pressure. After stabilization she was planned for mass excision.

She has underwent successful surgery of the mass excision and was kept in ICU for blood pressure monitoring. Now she is being discharged in stable condition with normal blood pressure and no symptoms of giddiness and palpitations.

Dr. Uday Chandankhede
Consultant- Uro-Oncologist
Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur

To book an appointment call: +918605604444

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