Importance of Preventive Health for You

Health is a precious gift and defines complete wellness in our journey in life. “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”.

Let’s give a minute to think about your health. Today our workaholic attitudes, negligent eating practices, sedentary lifestyles and continuous stress, tend to make us sensitive to ailments and predisposing us to health issues.

At Wockhardt we are concerned for your well-being and good health. To assist you evaluate your health status we have designed and conceptualized healthcare programs, envisaging common diseases and evaluating risk factor, that could be affect you in your prime of life or as you get older

At Wockhardt Hospital we place a great emphasis on the value Preventive care as an important speciality as well.  The service shifts the focus of health care from treating sickness to maintaining wellness and good health. In the long run saving you time and effort in treating major illnesses.  The program is designed in ruling out various risk factors and diagnosing abnormalities and is designed to prevent or delay the onset of illness and disease.

Most people younger than 40 years of age are generally free from diseases that could be diagnosed by physical examination alone. In this age group, health problems usually show specific signs or symptoms that would prompt you to seek medical attention It is now recommended that medical check-ups be referred to as Periodic Health Assessments or Examinations and they be performed every five years (for adults over 18) until age 40 and every one to three years thereafter. The requirements are for more frequent evaluations for those taking prescription and medications.

The health packages at Wockhardt hospital comprise of Basic Health Check-up, Premium Health Check-up and Executive Heath check-up. All our packages have been carefully designed by a team of doctors for evaluation of haematological, lipid profile, systemic profile, cancer profile (kidney, liver, heart) and other diagnostic investigations taking into consideration common disease affecting the Indian scenario. The packages cater to specific age groups and have a battery of recommended tests to choose from. Your complete report is evaluated by our renowned and established consultants for further management. The preventive health care packages are designed encompassing a healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and physical evaluation and doctors’ advice. Prevention is better than cure cannot be as well emphasised with health check programs at the hospital.

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Prerequisites for a health check-up facility at the hospital:

Specific instructions will be given to you once you take an appointment for the health check. General instructions are as mentioned below:

  • Kindly have your last meal at least 10-12 hours before you come for the check and report on an empty stomach. You may drink water which may allow your bladder to fill so that we can perform the ultrasound of the lower abdomen. No other fluid is permitted (tea/coffee or juice).
  • We will offer you a complimentary breakfast after your health check.
  • You can collect the urine and stool sample in the prescribed container and bring the first samples of the day along when you come for a check up
  • Just to make sure we know your medical history completely, kindly carry your old medical records if you have any.
  • If you are on regular medication carry those along with you & inform receptionist/Physician about the same.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and footwear as you may undergo various tests.
  • Pregnant women or those suspecting pregnancy are advised not to undergo any X-Ray test.

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