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Importance of Thyroid awareness

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We all know that diabetes is the most common hormonal illness in the community. But  do you know that thyroid disorders are the second most common hormone disorders in the community and there is no age restrictions for these disorders as well.

Broadly these thyroid disease can be divide in 3 types-

  1. Hypothyroidism – Under functioning of thyroid gland
  2. Hyperthyroidism – Over functioning of thyroid gland
  3. Goiter or swellings of the thyroid gland which may be benign (noncancerous) or cancerous.

In general population the prevalence of thyroid diseases is around 5 to 10%. Although they are thought to be more common in middle age but as the awareness is increasing and due to more screening they are getting diagnosed at earlier ages also.

The management of the thyroid disease is important at all ages but it is specially important in neonates, early childhood, puberty  and during pregnancy, If not treated during early childhood it may result in mental retardation, growth retardation with short stature and delayed puberty in kids. So screening in new-born is very important to avoid all these problems.

Similarly during pregnancy also it needs to be screened as in case it is untreated it may lead to increased chances of abortions, anemia, gestational hypertension,  preterm deliveries, and postpartum bleeding. Similarly, for the neonate there are increased chances of low birth weight and respiratory distress, significantly increased risk of lower IQ and learning disabilities. Thyroid disorders is a growing problem but it is very easy to be treated.  It is only improved awareness which helps in better management of the disease.

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