Mental health benefits of tattoo

Mental health benefits of getting a tattoo

Doctor: Rahul Khemani

They may get their own share of criticism due to the risk of skin infections and other complications, but tattoos can also heal your mind and help you get rid of past traumas, say experts. Here are some mental health benefits of getting tattoos.

Why do people get tattoos? “People get tattoos for different reasons – some for aesthetic, some for spiritual or personal growth, while some in a bid to heal from past traumas or experiences,” says Sunny Bhanushali, Celebrity Tattoo Artist, and Founder of Aliens Tattoo.

“People usually believe that tattoos are only made considering the aesthetic view or following the current trends but it’s understood to be much more than that. Tattoos are significant in many more psychological ways considering the permanence and pain involved in the process,” says Dr. Rahul Khemani, Consultant Psychiatrist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road.

Dr. Khemani says people get inked as a process of self-realization and expression of body identity and recognizing growth in life.

Also, it has been found to be a helpful part of the grieving process to help them keep their loved ones close after death, says the psychiatrist.

“Getting a tattoo can help you deal with past traumas that you haven’t been able to heal from. It can be a way to take ownership of your scars and see them not as wounds but as badges of courage that are a constant reminder of what you’ve overcome,” says Sunny Bhanushali.

A tattoo is a very personal, intimate experience, and a design that has special meaning to you can help you heal from past traumas. It is a process in which you are healing yourself and your mind. Navigating your way through the process can be painful and daunting but once it’s done and it’s healed, it’s a constant reminder of your strength, says Bhanushali.

Dr. Rahul Khemani
Consultant Psychiatrist
Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road

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