Maharashtra unlocks but experts warn not to take Covid-19 lightly

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Following the approval of a five-level unlock plan for Maharashtra, medical experts warned people not to take Covid-19 lightly.

As the number of daily coronavirus cases and deaths in Maharashtra has decreased, the state government has approved a five-level unlock plan for the state. Despite the fact that this unlock program is based on the positivity rate and occupancy of oxygen beds in each district, medical experts warn that citizens should not let their guard down.

Maharashtra still has 1,96,894 active cases, with a 1.7 percent case fatality rate. The state reported 14,152 new Covid-19 cases and 289 deaths on Friday.

In response to the news of unlocking, Dr. Lancelot Pinto, consultant pulmonologist, PD Hinduja Hospital, and MRC, said that it is necessary from an economic standpoint, but that the danger is far from over.

“With the knowledge that we’ve gained over the last year and a half, we need to do this [unlock],” said Dr. Lancelot Pinto.

Don’t lower the guard, warn doctors

Talking to India Today TV, Dr. Pinto emphasized that as the state begins to unlock, allowing people to gather together, allowing crowding in halls, restaurants, and gyms, lowering one’s guard when it comes to masks should not be considered, even in the most liberal unlocking scenarios, until the majority of the population is vaccinated.

“A graded unlock, with work from home incentivized and encouraged, and non-essential businesses encouraged to go online, should continue to be the aim, whenever feasible. With the knowledge, we now have about the virus’s airborne nature, we also need to reconsider air conditioning and ventilation,” Dr. Pinto said.

According to the state’s newly announced unlocking plan, districts in Level 1 will have the fewest restrictions, while those in Level 5 will have maximum or near-lockdown-like curbs.

‘Threat of third wave’

Dr. Tushau Prasad, Consultant Emergency Medicine, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road reminded us that the state is still dealing with the repercussions of the second wave.

He acknowledges that many people have lost their jobs and are struggling financially as a result of the lockdown restrictions, but he cautions the state as it prepares to lift them.

“At this point, it is risky for a large number of people to leave their homes without taking the necessary precautions. As the threat of a third wave remains, and monsoon season is approaching, it is critical that people stay safe at home, get vaccinated when eligible, and take the best care of themselves and their families. Furthermore, there is Covid, as well as the burden of monsoon-related diseases. It is a difficult situation for the entire country, and everyone must be aware of the threat,” he said.

Dr Tushau Prasad warned citizens not to take Covid-19 lightly, saying, “Once the restrictions are eased, people move out of their houses, go on vacations, don’t wear masks, and fail to maintain a social distance, which leads to an increase in Covid-19 cases.”

“It is critical to follow Covid-19 protocol and care for children, who are also susceptible to Covid-19 at this time. A Covid-appropriate behavior will ensure that there is no mass infectivity, thereby preventing the next wave,” Dr. Tushau added.

Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/cities/mumbai/story/maharashtra-unlocks-but-experts-warn-not-to-take-covid-19-lightly-1811296-2021-06-05

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