World Hemophilia Day: COVID infected Hemophilia patient gets new lease of life at Wockhardt Hospital

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A 38-year-old male from Nagpur suffering from Hemophilia who was detected to be COVID positive got a new lease of life at Wockhardt Hospital, Nagpur.  The patient was a known case of Hemophilia since birth. Hemophilia is a rare disorder in which a patient’s blood doesn’t clot normally because it lacks sufficient blood-clotting proteins (clotting factors). If a person has Hemophilia, they may bleed for a longer time after an injury than they would if the blood clotted normally.

However, in the case of this patient, he had Hemophilia along with inhibitors. It is an even more rare kind of Hemophilia in which standard clotting factor therapy does not work. Treated by Dr. Vaibhav Agrawal, Consultant, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care, and Dr. Riya Ballikar, Consultant, Hematology Haemato-Oncology, this patient had a bleeding in his neck which was compressing his air pipe (trachea). “We had to intubate the patient and put him on a ventilator”, said Dr. Vaibhav Agrawal. “Hemophilia is a rare disease and having it with inhibitors (the impurities which inhibit the activity of enzymes, leading to a reduction in the rate of their reactions), makes it rarer. To add to this complication, the patient was also COVID positive which made the treatment even more challenging”, said Dr. Agrawal.

In order to save the patient, various rare medications were also used and in very huge quantity. As the patient had hemophilia, surgery was also not an option in this case.

“For the treatment of Hemophilia, we gave factor therapy to the patient. Hemophilia can be treated by replacing missing blood clotting factors. This is called clotting factor replacement therapy. Clotting factors are replaced by injecting (infusing) a clotting factor concentrate into a vein. Infusions of clotting factors help the blood to clot normally”, informed Dr. Riya Ballikar. She also informed that for inhibitors, novel therapy was given to the patient. For providing the factor therapy, Dr. Anju Kadu, an active member of the Hemophilia Society in Nagpur played a vital role in providing the factors for the treatment of this patient.

The timely availability of specialists for COVID as well as Hemophilia contributed to saving a valuable life”, said Mr. Abhinandan Dastenavar, Centre Head, Wockhardt Hospital, Nagpur. “This case not only shows our clinical excellence but also the teamwork in which we believe. It is the coordination and understanding between our clinical and non-clinical teams along with their dedication that we are able to give proper care and good results for even the most complicated cases”, he added.

After intubation, the patient was given continuous monitoring and care. As a result, within the next 7-8 days, the patient was extubated and discharged. The patient’s COVID infection is already cured and Hemophilia is under control. Wockhardt Hospital was the first private hospital in the region to start COVID care. It was also the first hospital to do dialysis and surgeries for COVID patients. It is this experience that contributed to handling such a rare case.

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