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World Organ Donation Day 2021: Expert talks about myths and facts regarding organ donation

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Do you know? Organ donation is like giving a fresh lease of life to the one in need of a transplant to improve his/her quality of life due to certain conditions. Hence, organ transplantation is done by those who have end-stage liver and heart failure. Even though end-stage renal disease patients can get back on track with the help of renal replacement therapies, kidney transplantation can help reduce the mortality and mortality rates in these patients. But, did you know? There is a lot of misconception regarding organ donation, and it is the need of the hour to separate facts from fiction.

In this article, Dr. Mrudul Dharod, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road dispels some myths regarding the process of organ donation.

Are you aware? There are millions of people who require organ transplantation to double the chances of survival as they tend to suffer from end-stage failure of organs. People lose their lives as they are unaware of the life-saving option of organ transplantation. Organ transplantation is when the person agrees for healthy transplantable organs and tissues to be removed, either after death or when alive, to be transplanted into another person who is in the dire need of it. Common transplantations that can be opted for are kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs, bones, bone marrow, skin, and corneas. In case, you require an organ transplant then you have to get yourself registered for the same at National Organ And Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), and you may be able to lead a healthy life.

Organ donation – myths and facts

Here are some myths regarding organ donation that must be dispelled:

Myth 1: It is only possible to donate the heart, liver, and kidneys.
Organ donation can save up to 8 lives. The gift of an organ is like a gift of life. But, organ donation is not widely known or understood yet. Thus, people may feel that only the heart or liver, or kidneys can be donated. But, organ donation is much more than that. You will be surprised to know that even the pancreas, lungs, small and large intestines, and the stomach can also be transplanted. Similarly, tissues such as skin, bone, heart valves, and tendons can also be donated to the ones in need.

Myth 2: Everyone is eligible to donate organs
 The organs can be harvested from a brain-dead person with strong and still-beating hearts. Those who are completely dead and the heart stops beating are not eligible to donate organs. Moreover, having suffered from certain medical conditions also disqualifies you as a donor. The doctor is the suitable person to determine whether the organ can be transplanted or not. It is the doctor’s call who will decide depending on the person’s condition and medical history.

Myth 3: I am old so I am not eligible to be a donor
 This is not at all true. There is no age limit for this act of gifting life to the one in need. Organ donation has no age criteria. The doctor will evaluate you completely to determine how healthy you are. Each aspect of your health will be taken into consideration. Once you are found to be a potential donor then you can go ahead and donate organs.

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