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Benefits of Keyhole Brain Surgery

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A revolution in malignant and benign tumors treatment

The first goal of a neurosurgeon is to restore or maintain my patients’ quality of life. Efforts are at the global forefront of advancing these minimally invasive approaches for a wide range of common and uncommon brain and skull base tumors, various vascular conditions such as aneurysms and craniofacial pain syndromes.

  • Dr. Mazda Turel, Renowned Neurosurgeon with experience of more than 500 successful keyhole brain surgeries

Keyhole surgery is the concept of safely removing brain & skull base tumors through smaller, more precise openings that minimize collateral damage to the surrounding scalp, brain, blood vessels & nerves. Fortunately, given advances over the last two decades in technology and instrumentation as well improved brain and skull base anatomical understanding, a majority of brain and skull base tumors can now be removed through this surgical approach (Keyhole).

Notably, this approach technically demanding, require specialized instrumentation, significant surgical expertise, and are not appropriate for all tumors. Consequently, there remains a role for conventional larger craniotomies.

Approaches to perform Keyhole surgeries:


  • Less pain than an open craniotomy
  • Faster recovery than an open craniotomy
  • Minimal scarring
  • Fewer complications and disfigurement
  • Less collateral damage (to surrounding tissues)
  • Lower risk of infection

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