Wockhardt Hospital and Wockhardt Foundation join forces in the fight against Congenital Heart Disorders
13 Nov, 2014

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Mumbai, November 13, 2014: In India, around 2-3 lakh children are born with congenital heart diseases each year and the alarming fact is more than half of them die every year because of inadequate healthcare facilities in the country.

In its quest to fight Congenital Heart Disorders, Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, undertook a unique initiative in association with Wockhardt Foundation. The hospital organized a kite-flying activity for 300 kids at Girgaum Chowpatty, Mumbai, and pledged Mumbaikars to donate generously for the cause.

Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, organized this initiative ‘Dil se Dil Milate Chalo’ on the eve of Children’s Day with the support of Wockhardt Foundation. The aim was to spread awareness about Congenital Heart Disorders and to persuade people to come together and support a life by donating monetarily. As a part of the initiative, Wockhardt Hospitals pledged to support one child for each child supported by the people.

The children were seen enjoying the fun activity and were soaring the kites as high as they could.

Speaking about the initiative, Zahabiya Khorakiwala, Managing Director, Wockhardt Hospitals said, "We cannot all be surgeons, but we can still support saving a little child’s life. Excellent medical care worth for treating congenital heart disorders comes to about three lakh rupees can save a diseased heart. A financial support of Rupees fifty thousand can make a huge difference to the life of the suffering child and his/her family. When you support one child, you save two lives, because for every one child supported by you, we solemnly pledge to support another child at the Wockhardt Heart Institute. We have taken this pledge because we genuinely believe that indeed Life Wins. Dil se dil milata chalo because when Hope Wins, Life Wins."

Dr. Suresh Joshi, Director - Paediatric and Congenital Heart Centre, Wockhardt Heart Institute, Wockhardt Hospitals South Mumbai, said, “Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs) are the most common types of birth defects. The incidence of CHD worldwide is around 10-12/1000 live births. In India, around 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 children are born with heart defects each year in India. Of these, only around 10,000 children are operated in 13 major centres in India."

He further added, "There is a need for more dedicated centres for treating Congenital Heart Disorders in our country. At Wockhardt Hospitals South Mumbai, we have a dedicated centre and a committed team to treat congenital heart disorders both in children and adults. The state-of-the-art paediatric cardiac centre at Wockhardt Heart Institute is designed to take care of one year to sixty years old patients with birth defects of heart."

The Wockhardt Heart Institute is a premier institution that provides comprehensive cardiac services comprising of interventional cardiology, complex cardiac surgeries, paediatric cardiac services, adult cardiac services and electrophysiological studies. In fact, it offers South Mumbai its very first and largest Paediatric Cardiac Department.

About Wockhardt Hospitals

Wockhardt Hospitals, part of the Wockhardt Group, one of the largest healthcare conglomerate; is a chain of tertiary care hospitals. Wockhardt Hospitals has tertiary care facilities in Goa, Nagpur, Nasik, Rajkot, Surat, North Mumbai and South Mumbai.

The hospital chain has 1600 beds across all its facilities. All facilities adhere to procedures and protocols laid down for both clinical and non-clinical processes. In pursuance of its vision to establish state-of-the-art medical facilities in India along with a high degree of clinical excellence, Wockhardt Hospitals has entered into strategic alliances with Partners Medical International (PMI) of USA, earlier known as Harvard Medical International (HMI), which provides professional and technical advice and help to deliver healthcare of global standards in the country.

About Wockhardt Heart Institute

Wockhardt Hospitals' Paediatric and Congenital Cardiac Centre is the only one of its kind in South Mumbai. The department is headed by Dr. Suresh Joshi, an eminent paediatric cardiac surgeon. Along with his team, which comprises of surgeon, paediatric cardiac anaesthetists and cardiologists specially trained in paediatric cardiology and intensive care, he is equipped to handle all kinds of patients, from neonates to adults born with a congenital heart defect.

The Centre consists of a state of the art operation suite, a 14 bedded Critical Care Unit, a cath lab and OPD suites.

The Critical Care Unit is aesthetically appealing with cartoon characters, giving it a very cheerful look that goes in a long way in helping a child recover from surgery. The equipment list is exhaustive, making the Critical Care Unit second to none in the country. With skilled doctors and nurses, the safety and well being of a child after surgery or any medical procedure is ensured, leading to quicker and better outcomes. The Critical Care Unit boasts of the ECMO machine, which is an extracorporeal technique of providing both cardiac and respiratory support oxygen to patients whose heart and lungs are so severely diseased or damaged that they can no longer serve their function. In addition, it also has a high frequency ventilator, which is thought to reduce ventilator-associated lung injury. The nitric oxide system is used in critical care to promote capillary and pulmonary dilation to treat primary pulmonary hypertension in neonatal patients. It is equipped with neonatal ventilators, Bubble CPAP and advanced cardiac and physiological monitoring systems, supported by the central stations. The ICCA that is available for every Critical Care Unit bed is a complex digital charting system that records all critical patient information.

The OT has a dedicated heart-lung machine for paediatric patients. It also has a highly advanced anaesthesia delivering system, which is critical to optimum patient care in the paediatric age group.

The 4 D Echo machine is designed with special applications for paediatric cardiac patients, including a Trans oesophageal Echo probe and foetal echocardiography and intracardiac echocardiography (ICE).

The Centre has two cardiac catheterisation labs with a 56 inch screen, where both therapeutic and diagnostic procedures are performed with utmost accuracy.

Wockhardt Hospitals is equipped with GPS enabled highly advanced Ambulance to handle critically ill patients, dedicated paediatric ambulance with specialized provision to transfer babies on ventilation, and state-of-the-art Emergency department to cater any minor to major emergency needs.

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