Attack Leaves Guard With Hammer Lodged in Skull
23 Aug, 2016

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A 51-year-old man was brought into the casualty ward of Wockhardt Hospital with a hammer stuck in his skull.

The victim, Kishore Sawant, a resident of BIT chawl in Worli is a security guard with a private firm at Mahalaxmi. Sawant was rushed to the hospital after being assaulted with a hammer by a fellow security guard following an argument. The impact of the blow was so powerful that the hammer fractured the skull and got lodged in it, even penetrating the brain tissue.

Sawant was taken to the hospital where he collapsed after ill-advisedly pulling out the hammer himself. Sawant was taken for a quick CT scan which revealed that several bone fragments were lodged in his brain, following which he was rushed into surgery.

Dr Ajay Bajaj, neurosurgeon, Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central, operated on Sawant on August 4. Bajaj said that he saw brain tissue sticking out of the small hole in Sawant's skull.

The five-hour surgery involved removing the bone fragments stuck in the brain and then sticking the tissue together with the help of medical glue. There were more than 15 small bone fragments in the brain.

"We discarded the very tiny pieces and stuck the slightly bigger pieces to the skull," explained Bajaj. He added that most patients with such injuries die on the table, but Sawant was a fighter.

Due to his severe injuries and bleeding in the brain, Sawant suffered a paralysis on the right side of his body.

He is also unable to speak clearly. Vasant, Sawant's father, said the police have come to take his statement several times, but he is unable to speak properly.

However, Bajaj said that he is hopeful that Sawant will make a recovery. "We don't know yet how much of a recovery," Bajaj cautions. "But we can hope that he will soon be doing well."

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