master Aniefiok (TOF)

master Aniefiok (TOF) (South Mumbai)

Master Aniefiok Assam from Nigeria had multiple defects within his heart and had to undergo a Corrective Open-Heart surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai Central. Dr. Suresh Joshi, Director Pediatric Cardiac Centre at Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai Central, India, shares his insights on the Blue Baby Syndrome and its consequences and explains about the open heart surgery in this video.

Mr. Awadh

Mr. Awadh (South Mumbai)

Awadh Saad Mbarak from Tanzania came to Wockhardt Hospital with a pain in the left side of the chest which persisted for 4-5 years. After conducting a certain amount of tests it was discovered that there was a very big tumour attached to the chest wall of the patient called elastofibroma dorsi. The patient after undergoing a treatment with Dr. Ajay Bajaj, Neuro-Spine Surgeon, is now recovering and healthy!

Manisha Kishor Nigam

Manisha Kishor Nigam (Navi Mumbai)

Manisha Nigam shares her life changing experience at Wockhardt Hospital, Vashi after her successful Partial knee replacement surgery carried out by Dr Shailendra Patil.

Shivaji Ramchandra Mallick

Shivaji Ramchandra Mallick (Navi Mumbai)

Another successful knee replacement case carried out by one of our best doctors for the job, Dr Shailendra Patil at Wockhardt Hospitals, Vashi. Shivaji Ramchandra Mallick shares his experience at Wockhardt and how he has been recovering.

Mr. Rahul Mehta

Mr. Rahul Mehta (Rajkot)

Watch the miraculous recovery of Rahul Mehta broken from head to toe with multiple fractures treated by Dr Dharam Chandrani and Dr Jayant Mehta at Wockhardt Hospital Rajkot.

Dr. Akshay Jain

Dr. Akshay Jain (South Mumbai)

Dr. Akshay Jain, Endocrinologist, Diabetes & Metabolic obesity specialist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central elaborates on measures to prevent diabetes and obesity related complications.

Dr. Amit Gupte

Dr. Amit Gupte (South Mumbai)

Dr. Amit Gupte, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central illustrates about the medical facilities which the South Bombay centre has to offer to cure gastroenterology related diseases

Yahia Ali Mohsin Eldeigi

Yahia Ali Mohsin Eldeigi ()

Bryan Sutton

Bryan Sutton (North Mumbai)

Our patient Bryan Sutton shares his experience of undergoing his hip replacement procedure with Wockhardt Hospitals. He thanks our specialist Dr. Niraj Kasat and his team of experts for helping him overcome his hip-related problems for their support on his quick road to recovery.

Ms. Sakinaben Sulemanbhai

Ms. Sakinaben Sulemanbhai (North Mumbai)

Ms. Sakinaben Sulemanbhai shares her experience of being given the best possible treatment at Wockhardt Hospital. She was operated for a tumor in the stomach. She is now home and leads a healthy and painfree life.