World patient safety week

Wockhardt Hospitals Group commemorates patient safety week


Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd., a leading chain of tertiary care super-specialty hospitals in India, commemorated patient safety week across western India at all its facilities at Nagpur, Nasik, Rajkot, Mumbai Central (South Mumbai), and Mira Road (North Mumbai).

Patient safety is fundamental to delivering quality health services. The practices aim to strengthen the regular process to improve patient care and safety. The theme of WHO this year is “Medication without Harm,” we at Wockhardt Hospitals are covering many topics including medication.

The group-wide patient safety week program took place from September 15th to September 17th, 2022. It was inaugurated by Zahabiya Khorakiwala, managing director, of Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd. commenting on the initiative, Khorakiwala said, “Prevention is always better than cure. Unsafe healthcare practices are a leading cause of avoidable harm in health care across the world. At Wockhardt Hospitals, we believe in delivering quality care.”

During the three days, there were multiple interactive events reinforcing all our defined safety protocols like games on safety on medication management, Fire safety exercise, risk management, safety awareness talk, spot safety audit, etc.

Furthermore, quiz competitions for staff, patients and patients, and relatives every day, slogan competitions, and one-minute videos on issues related to safety strengthened the commitment to patient safety.

Dr. Clive Fernandes, group clinical director, and chief operating officer, Maharashtra Wockhardt Group Hospitals, said, “At Wockhardt Hospitals, we have always prioritized patient safety. All our clinical and operational protocols are defined keeping patient safety in mind. We conduct such awareness programs regularly to reinforce our defined protocols among our associates to ensure that at Wockhardt Hospitals Life Wins.”

Dr. Virendra Chauhan, Center Head, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central said, “We continuously hold safety awareness related programs and training at our hospital to ensure patient safety and quality care. We believe that the leadership of our hospital should genuinely support patient safety and give a positive outlook for behaviors that further it.”


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