Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur celebrate World Physiotherapy Day


On the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day, the Department of Physiotherapy organized a camp in an old age home and nearby police station to address their aches and pains. 

This year the theme for world physiotherapy Day is ‘Treatment of Osteoarthritis. The Physiotherapy team led by Dr. Alka Nakade, Head of the Department guided the police station staff on keeping their joints healthy through regular exercises and if any one of them had any osteoarthritis symptoms they were given the exercise regimen. 

“We had also visited vrudhasharam where we met almost 20 to 25 old people, talking to them and knowing their problems and explaining the exercises to every individual according to their complaints. We have also arranged a free foot analysis machine on 8th Sep in the hospital for all the pts and relatives to check their wt bearing status which if improper leads to OA knees”, informed Dr. Alka. 

The hospital will also set up a foot analysis machine on its premises on 8th September 2022 which can be accessed by the patients and relatives free of any cost. 

“Our aim is to be able to contribute to society to prevent diseases while we do our best in treating our patients. This exercise is just a small step in this direction”, said Mr. Abhinandan Dastenavar, Centre Head, Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur.

Dr. Alka Nakade
Head of the Department – Physiotherapy
Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur

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