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Dr. Kapil Agrawal

Aesthetic Care
M.B.B.S, MS(Gen Surgery), M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)
24 Years
Special Interest


South Mumbai - Mumbai Central

Professional Experience

  • M.Ch (Plastic Surgery) from T.N. Medical College & B.Y.L. Nair CH. Hospital, Mumbai University, Mumbai(Maharashtra) passed Aug/Sept 2005 at First Attempt.
  • M.S (Gen. Surg.)from Bangalore Medical College & Bowring Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore (Karnataka) Passed Sep/Oct 2000 at First Attempt.
  • M.B.B.S from Pt. J.N.M. Medical College & M.C. Hospital, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur(M.P.)Passed March 1996 at First Attempt.

Profile at Glance:

  • A Dedicated and extremely patient person, adept professional offering over 10 years of experience in Plastic surgery.
  • Hands-on experience in Aesthetic (cosmetic) & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.
  • An innovative & diligent person with artistic vision & immense knowledge & understanding of human aesthetics.
  • Having special interest & skills in aesthetic surgeries.

Won accolades from International authors for developing newer and easier techniques to improve results in rhinoplasty.

Professional Experience

Work Experience

Growth chart:

  • Post M.Ch. Experience(August 2005 – till date)
  • During M.Ch. Experience TNMC & B.Y.L. Nair Ch. Hospital, Mumbai.(May 2002 – Aug 2005)
  • Pre M.Ch. Experience – M.G.M. Hospital, Parel, Mumbai(Aug 2001 – April 2002)

Post M.CH.

Presenting working as Professor(Addl.) Dept. of Plastic Surgery, Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai. Here I am managing all kind of cases & doing all possible types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.

Worked as Assistant Prof. at T.N.Medical College & Kasturba Hospital from 12-01-2006 to 09-12-2008, here I looked after the Burns unit & managed acute burn as well as sequlae of burns. Promoted as Associated Professor & transferred to dept. of Aesthetic, Reconstructive & Burns Plastic Surgery at K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai on 10-12-2008.

Done prestigious EMSB Course (Conducted by Dutch Burn Foundation) in Emergency Burn Management.

Trained in Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery by Various National & International Giants in Plastic Surgery.

National Faculties:

  • Worked as fellow to Dr. Ashok Gupta (A Prominent cosmetic surgeon doing all types of Cosmetic plastic surgeries)
  • S.U.Prasad (A component micro surgeon who is a master in reconstructive plastic surgery).
  • As an observer with Late Dr. B.M. Daver (Internationally famous for his rhinoplasty skills) & Dr. L.D.Dhami (well known for mega liposuction in India)
  • An observer to Dr. Rajesh Rajput: well known for Hair grafting in India

International Faculties:

  • Visiting fellow with renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Abdul Reda Lari at Kuwait (Middle East) where I got trained in Total Body Contouring.

Attended Master classes and video lectures of:

  • Dr Saldanha (Brazil, Dubai) Total body liposculpturing & Auto fat grafting,
  • Med. Wolf gang Gubistch(Germany) Modern Septorhinoplasty
  • Gaith Shubailath(Jordan) Septorhinoplasty & Auto fat grafting
  • Nazim cerkes(Turkey) Septorhionoplasty
  • Gino Rigotti(Italy) New concept of Breast augementation & Total Breast reconstruction with Auto fat graft,
  • Ruth Graf(Brazil) Breast reduction, augmentation & mastopexies.
  • Elizabeth Hall findely(Vienna) verticle scar breast reduction and mastopexies.
  • Thomas Biggs (USA) Face lift, forehead & Brow Lift & blepharoplasty. By attending various national & international conference, totorials & master classes.
  • Learnt Basics of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery from Dr Uday Bhat & Dr S.U. Prasad.

Cases I do in cosmetic plastic surgery

Facial rejuvenation:

  • Blepharoplasty :- surgery for baggy eye lids
  • Face lift; conventional surgical face, neck, brow & forehead lift.
  • Thread lift(non surgical face lift with especially designed imported threads)
  • Facial filters(To contour the facial depressions, augmentation of lip(pouting lips) and to rejuvenate the aging face.
  • Borbox To remove forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, perioral wrinkles etc.
  • Autofat grafting for contouring and rejuvenation of face and other parts of the body
  • Body Contouring
  • Rhinoplasties with newer concepts
  • Reduction
  • Augmentation, using cartilage grafts/imported implants.
  • Cheek and chin implants to augment cheek bones and depressed/small chin.
  • Cheek and chin dimple creation
  • BREAST; Augmentation, reduction, lift(Mastopexy) & reconstruction
  • Gynecomastia; Reduction of male breasts.
  • Liposuction, tummy tuck/abdominoplasty, branchioplasty, thigh & buttock lift
  • Buttock augmentation by auto fat graft or by implant
  • Medical treatment for hair fall & premature graying of hair

Genital aesthetics :


  • Augmentation of labia majora.
  • Reduction of labia minora
  • Hymenoplasty
  • Clitoroplasty
  • Vaginal tightening


Penile lengthening & girth.

Reconstructive surgeries for birth defects, post traumatic or post excision defects(cancer reconstruction) except free flaps.

  • Birth defects
  • Cleft lip/palate repair
  • Syndactyly/polydactyly
  • Hemangioma and other vascular malformations.
  • Absent vagina(Vaginoplasty)
  • Trauma reconstruction
  • Various conventional flaps to cover the defects of hands and other parts of the body
  • Replantation of fingers/toes
  • Tendon/nerve/vascular repairs
  • Nose and ear reconstruction
  • Tissue expansion
  • Cancer reconstruction
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Burns scars and contracture release
  • Tendon transfer surgery for post leprosy and post traumatic deformities of hands
  • Maxillofacial injuries(jaw bone and facial bone fracture surgeries)
  • Dissertation : Done my dissertation on “Secondary correction of cleft lip nasal deformity: A Genuine study of 20 cases”.

The experience gained by this operative research work which was appreciated by my teachers, examiners & other seniors in plastic surgery, is being used by me to give a near normal look in these patients.

M.B.B.S, MS(Gen Surgery), M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)
24 Years



Academic Awards:

  1. Peet Prize 2016 for Acetic Acid Dressings. Finding the Holy Grail for Infected Wound Management.
  2. N H Antia best publication award – for article Namaste(counterbalancing) technique: Overcoming warping in coastal cartilage.

Extra Curriculum Activities


  • All the 5 Years of M.B.B.S. I got the Best Singer Award.
  • Doordarshan Raipur had recorded a patriotic song in my voice and relied on it on occasion.
  • All the three years of M.Ch. I sang in all college programs.
  • Performing at the national level on Sh. Mohd Rafi’s death anniversary every year.


During M.B.B.S. Two times I participated in a painting competition and got a prize on both occasions.


Life Membership

  • APSI (Association of Plastic Surgeons in India)
  • MAPSI (Maharashtra chapter of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India)
  • NABI (National Association of Burns India)
  • IAAPS (Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of India)
  • MPCAPS (Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, MP & Chhatisgarh chapter).
  • Cleft Association of India
  • Recently applied for Membership of ISAPS.
  • AMC, Mumbai.
  • IMA, Mumbai

Research / Publications

Research Publications

  1. Autologous Fat Transfer for Esthetic Contouring of Face in Posttraumatic Nonfunctional Maxillofacial Deformities  CMTR2016 JUN9(2)P 113-20  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2016  THIEME MEDICAL PUBLISHERS NEWYORK  1943-3875  FIRST AUTHOR
  2. Text Neck view a new photographic tool for assessment of nasal dorsum in crooked noses  PRS VOL 138 VIEWPOINTS P 166e-167e  International  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2016  WOLTERS KLUWER MEDKNOWN PUBLISHERS NEWYORK  0032-1052  FIRST AUTHOR
  3. A refined technique for management of nasal flaring: The quest for Holy Grail of alar base modification  APS Vol.43/No.#/Month 2016/International  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2016  KOREAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGEONS KOREA  2234-6163  FIRST AUTHOR
  4. Total nasal septal construction with costal cartilage in difficult cases of secondary septoplasty  Plastic and Aesthetic Research Journal  International  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  ITALIAN FEDERATION OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE(FIME) 2347-9264  FIRST AUTHOR
  5. Management of complications of Medpor implants in rhinoplasty  Plastic & Aesthetic Research Journal  International  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2017  ITALIAN FEDERATION OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE(FIME)  Accepted & Due in March 2017  FIRST AUTHOR
  6. A novel technique for correction of congenital cleft of ala  JCLPCA 2014 VOL1(2) P 119-21  National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2014  MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai  400075  2348  2125  FIRST AUTHOR
  7. Esthetic makeover of a syndromic face  July-December 2014/Vol1/Issue 22014;1:112-4

National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2015  MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai  400075  2348  2125  FIRST AUTHOR

  1. A New Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedure for correction of Frontal coup de Sabre Deformity in Romberg  J.Maxillofac. Oral Surg.(2015)14(suppl1): S401  National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2015  SPRINGER NEWYORK – 0972  8279  FIRST AUTHOR
  2. Namaste(counterbalancing) technique: Overcoming warping in costal cartilage  May-August 2015 Vol48 Issue 2;48:123-8 – National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2015  MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai  400075  0970  0358  FIRST AUTHOR
  3. Ossified costal cartilage during rhinoplasty: A surgical dilemma  IJPS 2015;48P:327-8 – National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2015  MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai  400075  0970  0358  FIRST AUTHOR
  4. Ride om technique and other simple and logical solutions to counter most common complications of silicone implants in augmentation rhinoplasty  May-August 2015; Vol48 Issue 248:172-7 – National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2015  MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai  400075  0970  0358  FIRST AUTHOR
  5. A Novel Technique of Defattening Large Full Thickness Skin Grafts  Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research.2015 Dec, Vol-9(12):PL01  National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2015  JCDR,DELHI,INDIA  0973-709X-FIRST AUTHOR
  6. Diced cartilage under perichondrial carpet with reinforcement (DCUP) technique for nasal dorsal augmentation  JCLPCA 2016 VOL 3(1)P3-8 – National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2016  MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai  400075  2348  2125  FIRST AUTHOR
  7. An innovative technique for columellar reconstruction using flip over buccal mucosal flap  Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016 Jul, Vol10(7):PD05-PD06  National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2016  JCDR, DELHI, INDIA  0973-709X  FIRST AUTHOR
  8. The ingenious technique of smoothening costal cartilage graft by glass polishing disc.  National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2016  MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai  400075  0970  0358  FIRST AUTHOR
  9. Revisiting Mehendale’s needle holder for cleft palate surgery A gift from the bygone era  Indian Journal of Plastic surgery May-August 2016 Vol 49 Issue 2 P 293-94 – National  DR KAPIL AGRAWAL  2016  MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai  400075  0970  0358  SECOND AUTHOR

Paper Presentation

  • Masicon 2004(Thane) : Versatility of Cartilage Grafts in Rhinoplasty.
  • P.R.A.S.(International Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery) Mumbai: A case report on Aneurysm of Internal Maxillary Artery.
  • Mapsicon 2009(Mahabaleshwar): Importance of columellar lengthening in secondary cleft lip nasal deformities: symmetry V/S proportion
  • Apsicon 2009 chennai. The same paper has been accepted for August Conf.
  • P.R.A.S.(2009)(International Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery).New Delhi. Secondary cleft lip nasal deformity: Importance of columellar lengthening. The paper has been accepted for Nov. conf.
  • Apsicon(2010)Goa, presented a paper on Rhinoplasty titled; where do we go wrong?
  • MPCAPSCON(2011). Presented a paper on Difficult septorhinoplasty  My approach.
  • 170th GSMC Staff Society (2011). Presented a paper on Rhinoplasty(NonReshaping)
  • Apsicon(2012)Lucknow, presented a paper in the Peet Prize Session on Rhinoplasty An Indian Perspective & another paper on the Role of fat grafting in aesthetic and reconstructive Plastic surgery.
  • Apsicon(2013)Mumbai. Given a keynote lecture on Where do we Go wrong in Rhinoplasty
  • AESURG-2014, NASHIK,
  1. Evolution of my techniques in Rhinoplasty
  2. Aesthetic Makeover of a syndromic face  A case report
  3. A new minimally invasive aesthetic procedure for correction of frontal coup de saber deformity in Rombergs syndrome.

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