Wockhardt Hospitals is one of the best surgical dermatology hospitals in India.
We provide world-class, advanced treatment for dermatology surgery.
Dermatology surgery

Why Choose Wockhardt Hospitals
for Dermatology Treatment?

Wockhardt Hospitals are the most preferred healthcare institution if you are suffering from skin diseases and looking for high-quality dermatology treatment. The hospital group specializes in providing end-to-end dermatology treatment while conforming to the patient’s needs. The hospital’s team of trained and experienced dermatologists treats every type of skin disease using the least invasive dermatologist procedures and advanced technology. Treatment for all types of skin diseases from acne and warts to lupus, skin cancer, and vitiligo is available at Wochardt Hospitals. The trained support staff of the Wockhardt Hospitals assists surgeons during surgeries and counsels patients throughout their dermatology care treatment.

Wockhardt Hospitals has thus become a leading healthcare service provider not only in the area of dermatology care but other areas of healthcare.

Renowned Dermatologists
at Wockhardt Hospitals

Dr Kaleem Khan

Mumbai Central

Dr Sunil Maniar

Mumbai Central

Dr. Anjana Gala

Mira Road

Dr.Ishwari Kulkarni

Mira Road

Dr. Archana Choudhary

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What is Dermatology?

Dermatology is a medical specialty that involves the diagnosis and treatment of nail, hair, and skin diseases. Some common dermatologic conditions include:

Symptoms of dermatologic conditions sometimes overlap. Dermatologists therefore perform tests to understand the symptoms and diagnose the root cause of the problem Based on this, they suggest a dermatology care treatment plan.

What do
dermatologists do?

Dermatologists are healthcare specialists who specialize in the field of dermatology. They help in diagnosing and treating skin conditions. The responsibilities of dermatologists include:

Dermatologists analyze the skin condition and perform dermatologist procedures or therapies accordingly. Some of the dermatology care treatment options include:

Each therapy or procedure has its characteristic roles and treats a particular dermatologic condition. Your healthcare adviser will talk about these dermatology care treatments based on your conditions.

Symptoms of
Skin Disorders

Symptoms of skin diseases depend on the dermatologic conditions you have. Changes in the skin do not always occur due to skin diseases. But if you have these changes without any cause, look for the following symptoms.

Dermatology Treatment

Tests needed for
Dermatology Surgery

Dermatologists conduct some dermatology tests before dermatology surgery to identify the skin condition. These tests are:

Procedures to be Performed
for Skin Treatment

Every procedure for skin treatment has its benefits. Patients must go through the information or details of the dermatology care procedure before undergoing it. Some of the effective skin treatment procedures are:

Tips for Speedy Recovery after
Dermatology Procedures

It is important to take care of your skin after dermatology procedures to avoid itchiness, redness, and other side effects. Below are some effective tips that will speed up your recovery.

We Offer Quality Facilities
to Our Patients

At Wockhardt Hospitals, we offer the finest and newest dermatology treatment facilities to our patients. Our team of experienced dermatologists treats every type of skin disorder using less invasive procedures. The hospital’s trained nursing staff take end-to-end care of patients after the dermatology treatment. Also, Wockhardt Hospitals’ state-of-the-art infrastructure provides an easy and supportive environment. We do our best to make our patients’ lives normal and cheerful again.

FAQs on Dermatology

Yes, dermatologists are the only healthcare specialists who can cure skin problems. Besides this, they also specialize in treating hair and nail disorders. Dermatologists will examine your condition by performing certain tests and suggest dermatology treatment based on the test results.
The risk of infection after minor dermatological procedures is low. However, if not taken proper care of the skin, the chances of getting infections may increase.
There is a relationship between dermatologic conditions and age. With age, the chances of getting skin disorders also increase. This can affect older people’s mental health, cause anxiety, and reduce confidence. Therefore, they should take good dermatology care to avoid these conditions. They should drink more water, use sunscreen, apply moisturizer, and go for a monthly check-up.
Yes, people can get skin cancer under their fingernails and toenails. This type of skin cancer is known as subungual melanoma. Symptoms like black or brown streaks in nails, nails separating from the nail bed, darkening skin, etc., might indicate the presence of subungual melanoma.
Yes, dermatologists help you by clearing your skin. They understand the root cause of your condition and treat it by performing specific dermatology treatment procedures.
The type of treatment will depend on the skin condition you are suffering from. For instance, cryosurgery is used for removing abnormal skin cells. Some other dermatology surgery treatment options include laser surgery, radiotherapy, medications, creams, lotions, etc.

The success percentage of dermatology surgery is between 68% to 76%.

The cost of dermatology surgery varies according to the hospital’s amenities and standard of care, as well as the specific condition of the patient. For example, treatment for acne and scars typically requires 5–6 sessions and costs between Rs. 1000 and 3000 per session. Some hospitals charge between 8000 and 9000 per session, while certain skin procedures can cost between 50,000 and 100,000 rupees.