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Why Choose Wockhardt Hospitals For Cancer Treatment?

Cancer Treatment

Why choose Wockhardt Hospitals
for Cancer Treatment?

The successful establishment of Wockhardt Hospitals is the result of a 50-year legacy of healthcare and innovation nurtured by Wockhardt Ltd, the 5th largest pharmaceutical and medical institution in India with a presence in 20 countries worldwide. The Department of Medical Oncology at Wockhardt Hospitals provides adults and children with solid tumors and blood cancer with comprehensive care in diagnosing and treating their conditions. In addition to medical, surgical, radiation therapy, and bone marrow transplant, the department offers a full range of clinical oncology specialties. In order to provide all-inclusive cancer treatment in India to people of all ages, our team of experts is extremely skilled at diagnosing the most complex cases, staging the disease, administering medications, administering radiotherapy, or performing surgeries using state-of-the-art technology. Our department’s oncology and hematology specialists, who are well-known, have the most advanced training, knowledge, and experience in the treatment of cancer in all forms and stages.

Renowned Oncologists
at Wockhardt Hospitals

Dr Nikhil Basin

Dr. Nikhil Bhasin

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Dr. Jitesh Rajpurohit

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Dr. Ridhima Bindlish

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What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease in which a few body cells grow out of control and spread to other parts of the body.

The human body is made up of billions of cells. They grow and multiply through a process called cell division to form new cells when necessary. When cells become old or damaged, they die, and new cells are formed. When this orderly process disrupts, abnormal or damaged cells multiply and grow uncontrollably. It is possible for these cells to form lumps of tissues called tumors which can be cancerous. The spreading of cancerous tumors can lead to new tumors forming in other regions of the body, as well as the invasion of nearby tissues. Unlike malignant tumors, benign tumors do not spread or invade nearby tissues.

Among the world’s leading causes of death, cancer is the second most common. Fortunately, cancer screening, cancer treatment, and prevention have helped improve survival rates for many types of cancer.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Cancer?

Cancer symptoms vary based on where the cancer is, how big it is, and how much it affects nearby tissues and organs. Numerous indications of cancer may be similar to those of other, milder ailments. Some of the signs and symptoms that may be caused by cancer can include: 


Cancer is a complex disease & causes are multi-factorial. It occurs when genes that regulate cellular functions undergo mutations and generate anomalous cells that undergo division and proliferation, ultimately disturbing the normal functioning of your body. Experts approximate that between 5% to 12% of all malignancies are brought about by genetic mutations that are passed down through generations and cannot be regulated. More frequently, most cancers take place as acquired genetic mutations, which take place over the course of your life. Medical researchers have recognized numerous threat elements that trigger your danger of developing most cancers.

Common Medical Tests
to Diagnose Cancer

If your medical oncology doctor feels that a more thorough examination is needed due to your prolonged symptoms, he will likely suggest a variety of diagnostic tests . Cancer may be indicated by either high or low levels of certain markers  in the body. Therefore, lab tests that measure these substances in your blood, urine, and other body fluids can help your doctor make a diagnosis.

It’s important to remember that these tests don’t necessarily indicate that you have cancer. You should wait for the result to decide what would be your next step in the treatment of cancer.

These are some of the standard tests that can identify cancer:

There are other tests which are as follows-

Cancer Surgery

Genetic Testing – Cancer can occur when a single gene is mutated or when a group of genes that work together is mutated. If a person’s biological parents passed on cancer-related genes to them, they might have a greater likelihood of getting cancer. Your doctor may advise genetic screening or testing for cancer if you possess a type of cancer that is passed on genetically. Genetic testing could be done in order to create a cancer surveillance pattern that focuses on particular genetic syndrome. Gathering the results from the tests, they use that information to formulate a diagnosis. 

For many tests, it is possible to get normal results even if you have cancer. Even if you are healthy, it is possible to get results outside the normal range. Taking the results to a specialist, comprehending the situation, receiving a diagnosis, and classifying the type of cancer can undoubtedly alleviate some of that stress and anxiety and help you receive the best cancer treatment.

Treatments for

Cancer treatment may be difficult for the patient as well as the medical expert team. Nonetheless, either separately or together, the following oncology treatment methods will be a part complete course.

Chemotherapy – Cancer cells can be eliminated by employing medications during chemotherapy cancer treatment. It also operates in a pattern creation that inhibits or slows the development of malignant cells, which have the characteristic of rapidly dividing and renewing.

There are three  types of chemotherapy treatments available:

Immunotherapy – Immunotherapy is a method for fighting cancer that has revolutionized cancer treatment. Immune cells in the body are triggered to attack cancer cells through this process. By strengthening the body’s natural defenses, the malignant cells can be destroyed with the help of this therapy. 

Targeted Therapy – Unlike traditional chemotherapy, targeted therapy specifically targets cancer cells an helps eliminate them to reduce cancer burden. The treatment prevents cancer cells from growing and migrating to other human organs.

Hormones Therapy – Hormones help with the growth and development of specific cancer forms. In essence, this means that these specific cancers are hormone-dependent or hormone-sensitive. Hormone treatment can operate as a blocking or preventative strategy by employing medications, preventing the hormones from growing or generating new cancer cells.

Radiation Therapy – High-powered radiation beams are focused on the tumor in the body during radiation therapy. Three different methods of radiation therapy:

For those with cancer, further therapy options include:

The concerned doctors and support team at  Wockhardt  Hospitals will be there for you every step of the way as you proceed with your oncology treatment.

Types of Cancer

There are several types of cancer, and each has a unique diagnostic and treatment approach. These are a few of the most common cancers:


Q. Can cancer be fully cured?

Whether or not a person's cancer can be cured depends on the kind and stage of the disease, the kind of treatment they can receive, and other variables. The likelihood of curing different types of cancer varies. However, different treatments are necessary for various cancers.

Q. Is it possible to continue working while in treatment?

Many individuals who are receiving cancer treatment can still work. Patients may continue to work throughout the first few weeks of treatment but must take time off owing to adverse effects at the end.

Q. How effective is surgery for treating cancer?

Surgery works as the best alternative for oncology treatment if cancer has spread to another area of the body. It, however, may occasionally result in a cure for some cancer types and help patients live long life.

Q. How long does treatment take?

Chemotherapy treatments typically last between three and six months; however, they might last longer or shorter. One or more chemotherapy medications will be used in the treatment.

Q. Is Oncology treatment affordable at Wockhardt Hospitals?

One of the top medical facilities in India for cancer care and oncology conditions is Wockhardt Hospitals. Typically, the cost of cancer treatment is pretty reasonable.You can get in touch with one of our medical professionals and get all the details related to the inclusive cost and insurance details.