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When it comes to providing the best treatment for Gastroenterology, Wockhardt Hospitals is the top choice. We have established a strong presence in the healthcare industry and are known for offering effective treatment options to our patients. The Department of Gastroenterology at Wockhardt Hospitals is renowned for providing precise diagnoses and effective treatments for digestive systems.

We do not compromise the health of our patients, and it has always been our priority. Therefore, we’ve incorporated advanced technologies along with state-of-the-art infrastructure accompanied by well-trained professionals to take care of our patients. Moreover, our medical specialists use minimally invasive gastroenterology procedures and related processes so the condition can be treated with less pain experienced by our patients. We aim to deliver the best healthcare services with cutting-edge technology and world-class medical facilities.

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What is Gastroenterology?

Gastroenterology is the study of understanding the normal functioning of digestive systems and diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract (GI) and digestive system, including the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, gallbladder, etc. The digestive system moves food into the GI tract through peristalsis (rhythmic contractions and relaxations). Then, digestive juices act on them and break the complex materials into simple ones for easy absorption and remove the waste via defecation.

A medical expert who is proficient in the gastroenterology field is known as a gastroenterologist who specializes in understanding the physiology of the above organs and curing the related ailments to ensure the smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Some of the conditions treated by gastroenterologists include gastrointestinal bleeding, gastroesophageal reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, biliary tract disease, gallbladder disease, etc.

Symptoms of Gastroenterology Disease

If you’ve constant complaints about digestive problems, such as nausea, heartburn, or abdominal pain, it indicates that your gastrointestinal functions are hampered. The doctor may recommend over-the-counter pills or other drugs to prevent symptoms from getting worse.

The symptoms of gastroenterology conditions vary from disease to disease. However, general symptoms may include,

Visit a medical professional if you see signs and symptoms of the following gastrology conditions.

Heartburn – If you experience heartburn for more than 6 months, you might be suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD).

Irritable bowel syndrome – The condition may not cause permanent damage but can significantly affect your lifestyle. Symptoms include;

Inflammatory bowel disease- The condition is characterized by inflammation in the intestines. Symptoms are;

What are the main causes
of Digestive Problems?


Many factors contribute to the causes of digestive issues. Some of these are-

Required Tests for
Gastroenterology Treatment

Required Tests for Gastroenterology Treatment

There are multiple diagnostic tests to spot gastrology problems.

What do our
Gastroenterologists treat?

Gastroenterologists at Wockhardt Hospitals specialize in treating different gastrointestinal and digestive system problems. These include

It is a group of symptoms that affects your digestive system. It’s an uncomfortable gastrointestinal disorder, and people having this condition usually suffer from cramps, excessive gas, and abdominal pain. People with IBS have low pain tolerance. Their colon muscles tend to contract more compared to normal people, which causes cramps. Bacteria and viruses are the underlying causes of IBS.  

In this condition, the bacteria that live in our small intestine overgrow and affect the normal physiology of the digestive system. These are wrong bacteria or something that works opposite to good bacteria. They feed on products that aren’t meant for them and undergo chemical reactions in the gut, causing problems. SIBO occurs due to changes in the number of digestive enzymes, such as bile juice and gastric acid.

They occur when your body reacts against a specific protein in some foods. Food allergies may be genetic or can be caused due to conditions like eczema or hay fever. People with asthma can also experience this.

Gallstones occur in your gall bladder, a pear-shaped organ that stores bile juice, an enzyme that helps in digestion. A gallstone can affect the production and transportation of bile juice, affecting your digestion rate. These stones can form due to extra cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. 

Besides these conditions, our doctors are also specialized in treating related GIT disorders such as appendicitis, stomach ulcers, fatty liver disease, etc. 

When to see
a Gastroenterologist?

Here are some gastrology signs that can give you an indication of when to visit a gastroenterologist. 

From medications to food infections, anything can cause diarrhea. If you are passing more liquid stool than solid, it’s time to visit a gastroenterologist. Chronic diarrhea is an indication of a few digestive disorders, including SIBO and IBS. Therefore, it’s better to consult a doctor to avoid complications. 

Occasional heartburn can be cured at home, but if you’re experiencing heartburn symptoms for a few weeks, they shouldn’t be ignored. These might be signs of chronic acid refluxes that damage your esophagus.

Bloating is having a feeling of a tight belly which can happen due to excessive gas production. Constipation can cause bloating, and a gastroenterologist can help you identify the cause and provide you with a better Gastroenterology treatment. 

There could be some conditions like abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, etc., where you must consider visiting a gastroenterologist.

We offer Quality Facilities
to Our Patients

The Department of Gastroenterology at Wockhardt Hospitals offers multiple services and gastroenterology tests, from diagnosing the condition to providing effective treatments. We use advanced technologies to provide the best treatment for digestive ailments. Apart from that, we have 24/7 availability of ambulance and medical staff who are ready to help you out throughout your time with us. Besides that, we have well-furnished and equipped wards, labs, and cafeterias, so you or your family members may not face any difficulty. 


Most gastrology problems can be cured. However, the recovery rate depends from disease to disease and patient to patient. If you want to recover fast, you need to change your dietary habits and have a well-balanced diet. It is important to consult a doctor immediately for effective digestive problems treatments.
The complexity depends on the type of gastrology disease. But, conditions may range from mild to serious. Normally, you might experience a mild digestive problem which might last for a day or two and can be treated at home. However, if you continue to experience the same, you must visit a gastroenterologist to seek digestive problems treatment.

Consultation fee ranges for a full gastroenterology checkup costs around Rs 2800. However, the price can change depending on the location.

Yes, they can treat piles through medications. However, they can’t perform surgeries when required. This is a core expertise of a proctologist.
At the first visit, your doctor will ask about your medical history, complications, symptoms, and any recent treatment you’ve gone for, including digestive system treatments. This helps the doctor to proceed with further clinical examination.
The first signs of gastroenterology disorders can include;
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Incontinence
  • Heartburn