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Why Choose Wockhardt Hospitals For plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery

Why choose Wockhardt Hospitals
for plastic surgery?

At Wockhardt Hospitals, we provide top-notch reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide safe and smooth procedures to all our valued patients. The world-class doctors at our hospitals are highly qualified with international-level medical certifications and degrees. They are experienced and dedicated when it comes to providing the best aesthetic and cosmetic surgery in India. They have been in this field for long enough to know how to handle complex cases while still maintaining their knowledge of all the recent advancements in medicine and technology.

The surgeons of aesthetic surgery are capable of providing tailored cosmetic treatment plans for every individual, including invasive and non-invasive procedures. One can expect top-notch treatment from the beginning owing to the well-trained nurses and other medical staff, all having a patient-centric approach.

Renowned Plastic Reconstruction and
Aesthetic Surgeons
at Wockhardt Hospitals

Dr Shraddha Deshpande

Aesthetic Care
Mumbai Central

Dr Kapil Agrawal

Aesthetic Care
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Amiti shah

Dr Amiti Shah

Aesthetic Care
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Dr Shraddha Deshpande

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Dr Shraddha Deshpande

Aesthetic Care
Mumbai Central

What is Plastic Surgery?

The branch of medicine deals with invasive and non-invasive procedures that improve and reshape one’s structure to meet aesthetic needs. The main goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve the appearance of an individual. This is very important in today’s day and age as it plays a major role in boosting one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Cosmetic plastic surgery, when planned and done right, can have a lasting impact on one’s external appearance. One of the most important things to consider before cosmetic surgery is the motive behind the procedure. It is important to also be clear on the expectations and aspects to be changed and then talk to our specialists.

What is Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery?

It consists of various sub-specialties

  1. Post cancer surgery
  2. Breast reconstruction
  3. Flap surgeryJaw reconstruction
  4. Free flap surgery
  1. Facial fracture
  2. Facial nerve surgery/Facial reanimation
  3. Soft tissue injury like skin, scalp, cuts and scrapes
  1. Hand fracture
  2. Fingertip injury
  3. Finger replant surgery
  4. Finger reconstruction
  5. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  1. Cleft lip and cleft palate
  2. Syndactyly
  3. Brachydactyly
  4. Polydactyly
  5. Cleft Rhinoplasty

Why is Plastic & Reconstructive
surgery done?

Plastic Surgery Treatment

Plastic and reconstructive surgery are primarily done to alter one’s physical appearance. The word plastic is derived from the term “plastikos” which means “to mold”. These procedures are not only useful aesthetically but can also build one’s life and confidence, especially in traumatic defects or birth disorders.

What is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?
What are its types?

What is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery? What are its types?

Cosmetic surgery can be performed in various parts of the body that require modifications or which the patient is not too happy with, or which require anatomical reconstruction. Some of these surgeries include:

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: There are two types Invasive and Non Invasive


(A) Facial Rejuvenation:


(B) Body Contouring:


(C) Daycare:


Removal of Birth Defect

One of the biggest uses of plastic and reconstructive surgery is the ability to change physical defects that might be causing an inner sense of incompleteness. Birth defects or conditions that are present since birth are also corrected and treated by our board-certified surgeons so that they can improve the overall quality and appearance of one’s life.

Required Tests for
Aesthetic Surgery

As with any surgery, some preliminary tests need to be done prior to the surgery. This varies from patient to patient, but some of the standard tests include the following:

While these tests may seem cumbersome for patients, it is important to establish baseline values, make sure there are no other underlying health conditions, and also check for any infectious diseases, blood count, bleeding, and clotting time for the patient’s and the doctor’s safety.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Here are some of the procedures that may be employed for Plastic & Reconstructive  surgery:

We Offer Quality Facilities
to Our Patients

We offer top-notch, world-class facilities to our patients, which are highly personalized and improve the outcome of all aesthetic surgeries and post-operative care. We also have some of the best plastic surgeons in India on our team at Wockhardt Hospitals, just to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment.


Plastic surgery operation is a relatively safe surgical procedure that is opted for aesthetic improvement. Like all surgical procedures, there are some risks involved in this surgical field as well. This includes infection and inflammation, scarring, hematoma, nerve damage, and deep vein thrombosis.
Before opting for aesthetic plastic and cosmetic surgery, it is important to answer a few questions by yourself. Understanding the main motive and reason for the surgery is important. While plastic surgery can improve self-confidence, it will not change one’s life unless it is a complete reconstruction. Consider the monetary aspect against the benefits to understand if this is the right time for plastic surgery.
We at Wockhardt Hospitals provide consultations that can be booked over the website or via call. In this, one can discuss the cost and the procedure before scheduling one.
While this entirely depends on the type of procedure one undergoes, most procedures will allow complete recovery by the 5th week. Some activities like heavy lifting and direct sunlight need to be avoided.
Physical examination is essential before surgery to evaluate one’s physical fitness level. This will allow the physician to understand the response to the surgery and to know whether the patient is a good candidate for the procedure.

Cosmetic or Aesthetic surgery is a super-specialty of plastic surgery. Aesthetic plastic surgery is a vast branch that includes both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is an elective procedure that is a choice of the patient to improve one’s appearance and, thereby, self-esteem.