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Why Choose Wockhardt Hospitals For Rheumatology Treatment ?

Rheumatology Treatment

Why choose Wockhardt Hospitals
for Rheumatology Treatment ?

The Department of Rheumatology at Wockhardt Hospitals treats rheumatic diseases using a comprehensive and patient-centric approach. Our hospitals are known for their superior care, precise diagnosis, and finest treatment of rheumatic disorders. It is led by the greatest rheumatologists in India. The Department strives to combine clinical knowledge, research, and modern technology to provide comprehensive and personally designed treatments.

The Wockhardt Hospitals’ team remains current on medical techniques and technological advancements. For the rheumatology test and treatment of problems of the joints, bones, and connective tissues, we provide patients with a comprehensive range of services. Not only do we use cutting-edge technology, but we also ensure that our patients’ hygiene is not jeopardized. By creating extensive sanitization measures, we assure total hygiene and safety for our patients.

At Wockhardt Hospitals, the best rheumatology hospital in India, we continuously endeavor to deliver the finest medical treatment to our patients to attain the highest potential success rate.

Renowned Rheumatologist
at Wockhardt Hospitals

Dr. Dipti Patel

Mumbai Central

Dr Dipti Patel

Mumbai Central

Dr. Preeti Nagnur

Mira Road

Dr. Archana Sonawale

Mira Road

What is Rheumatology?

The field of medicine known as rheumatology deals with arthritis as well as other conditions affecting the joints, muscles, and ligaments. This field of study also deals with the treatment of a wide range of diseases, such as connective tissue diseases that affect ligaments and tendons and can impact the skin and other organs, as well as inflammatory diseases that affect the muscles, joints, and bones. Almost one-third of the adult population in the community suffers from rheumatological diseases, which are among the most prevalent illnesses. Rheumatologists are skilled in identifying and treating musculoskeletal diseases as well as systemic autoimmune diseases.

What are the symptoms of
Rheumatology problems?

Every patient is affected by rheumatoid arthritis in a different manner. Some patients have joint problems for an extended period. There are times when symptoms get worse, known as flares, and other times when they get better, known as remissions.

Some of the most typical symptoms of rheumatic illnesses and arthritis are the ones listed below:

Certain rheumatic conditions also have distinctive symptoms that help to identify them. For instance, most lupus patients will feel some sort of skin rash, as well as joint discomfort with inflammation and exhaustion.

What causes
Rheumatology Diseases?

The majority of rheumatic disease types have unknown causes. The majority of these diseases are brought on by an aberrant immune system that targets its own tissues. It can sometimes run in the family. Sometimes it’s brought on by anything external to you, such as cigarette smoke, pollutants, or an infection-causing agent.

Nevertheless, depending on the kind of rheumatic condition, experts think that some or all of the following may be involved:


What are the surgical procedures
for Rheumatology?

What are the surgical procedures for Rheumatology?

After physical therapy, medicines, and other treatments have failed to heal damage to your joint or the tissues around it, the doctor may recommend surgery. You should consult a rheumatologist to determine whether it might be beneficial for you and what outcomes you would expect.

When you have the disease, your hip and knee are the joints that need to be replaced the most. Your surgeon replaces the artificial joint with the removed defective component. The item, known as a prosthesis, can be constructed of ceramic, metal, or plastic. Depending on factors including your weight, health, and amount of activity, a replacement joint may endure for more than 20 years. You could require more surgery after that.

A sore, stiff knee can make it difficult for you to do even basic tasks like walking and climbing stairs. Ask your doctor about knee replacement surgery if you have tried alternative therapies and weren’t able to get relief. Our knee joint won’t be replaced in its entirety; only the surface of the knee bones will be. It will remove the injured cartilage as well as a tiny portion of the bone underneath. To allow you to bend and move your knees like previously, they were replaced with metal and plastic components.

After all alternative treatments have failed to work, hip replacement surgery is often performed. If you have problems bending, if your hip is so rigid that it’s difficult to elevate your leg, or if you experience chronic discomfort, your doctor could advise it. The severity of your symptoms, rather than your age or weight, will determine if surgery is appropriate for you.

Other Surgeries

Types of
Rheumatology Diseases

Some of the most prevalent rheumatic diseases include the following:

What diagnostic tests are done in Rheumatology Treatment?

In order to help patients live long and fulfilling lives, Wockhardt Hospitals’ rheumatologists are skilled in using cutting-edge techniques to treat a variety of conditions. Some of the diagnostic tests for the rheumatology treatment options include:

How long will it take for
Rheumatoid Surgery recovery?

Healing typically takes one month following arthroscopic surgery since it is less intrusive. The severity of your Rheumatoid disease condition prior to surgery, the joint involved, and your ability to adhere to recovery guidelines, such as physical therapy regimens, can all affect how long it takes you to recover from all of these rheumatology treatments. The majority of patients can take care of themselves, resume their regular daily activities, and drive within 3 to 6 weeks. With our excellent post-operative care and doctor’s proven recommendations & medications, our patients recover quickly and without any complications.

Our Advance Technology
For Rheumatology Treatment

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 Life Wins Stories

The vision and leadership of Wockhardt’s founders have been instrumental in shaping the organisation’s ethos of providing high-quality and affordable healthcare services to patients worldwide. Read and listen to the heartfelt experiences of our patients as they share their stories about the exceptional care they received at Wockhardt Hospitals.

Paresh Vyas

Excellent facility with renowned Cardiologists like Dr Dharmesh R Solanki. Very humble doctors, and good staff. Value for money.

Meena Kothari

Excellent facility with renowned Cardiologists like Dr Dharmesh R Solanki. Very humble doctors, and good staff. Value for money.

 Life Wins Stories

The vision and leadership of Wockhardt’s founders have been instrumental in shaping the organisation’s ethos of providing high-quality and affordable healthcare services to patients worldwide. Read and listen to the heartfelt experiences of our patients as they share their stories about the exceptional care they received at Wockhardt Hospitals.

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While there is no known cure for rheumatoid arthritis, early rheumatology test & diagnosis, rheumatology treatment, and support can lessen the likelihood of joint damage and lessen the severity of the disease. Your general practitioner (GP) and numerous other specialists will often be involved in your rheumatology treatment.
First-line rheumatology treatment, which often includes physical therapy, pain relief medications and exercises, generally aims to reduce inflammation and improve pain. In some serious situations, a doctor might advise you to have surgery. If you are looking for the best rheumatology hospital in India, look no further than Wockhardt Hospitals.
Supporting people to take care of themselves may benefit those with long-term conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. People with rheumatoid arthritis can strengthen and become more flexible by exercising regularly. Your doctor will evaluate your symptoms and suggest the best course of action for you. Most people can control their rheumatoid conditions and continue to live life normally.
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory condition characterized by erosive arthritis and systemic organ involvement. Both sexes and people of various ages might be affected by the illness. Rheumatoid arthritis can strike at any age, although it’s most common in people between the ages of 30 and 50.
A rheumatologist may be suggested by your doctor if you experience joint pain that is accompanied by other symptoms like exhaustion and stiffness. If you experience ongoing joint, bone, or muscular discomfort, don’t wait to get help. Joint stiffness that lasts more than 30 minutes should be evaluated by a doctor, especially if it gets worse in the morning after extended periods of inactivity or if there is any joint edema.