First time in Central India- 3 Drug Eluting Balloons were used on a patient at Wockhardt Hospitals


Dr. Nitin Tiwari performed the complex cardiac procedure

Nagpur: In another first-of-its-kind case for Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur Dr. Nitin Tiwari, Senior Consultant- Interventional Cardiology has performed a case for the first time in Central India.

Dr. Nirmal Jaiswal had suggested angiography in view of uncontrolled diabetes and breathlessness and hence referred the patient to Dr. Nitin Tiwari.

Dr. Tiwari used three Drug Eluting Balloons on a single patient for the first time in Central India.

The patient 57 years Old Male was diagnosed to have diffused triple vessel disease and was also diabetic which makes this case even more complex.

There were multiple blockages in all three arteries and unfortunately the terminal areas of the vessels were also diseased hence bypass was not possible.

Then Dr. Tiwari discussed with the patient’s family and did Angioplasty with stenting in all three arteries and the terminal part of the coronaries was dilated with DEB (Drug-eluting balloon).

In this patient 3 DEBs were used and it was the first ever such case in Central India. Four stents were inserted in all three arteries of the heart.

DEB can be used in small vessels, diffuse disease, bifurcations, if the stent does not cross, patients with high bleeding risks where blood thinners can’t be given for longer periods, and lower limb small vessels.

DEBs are not a substitute for the stents but can be used judiciously in certain cases where they are indicated.

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