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Boost your Immunity this Summer with Healthy Diet Tips

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Healthy Diet Tips

Doctors say that something as simple as eating more fruits and vegetables can increase your immunity.

Including nutrient-rich foods, getting exercise and being mindful of hygiene practices can do a lot of good to your immune system and, thus, prevent infectious diseases during the summer months”

Some diseases are more prominent in certain seasons than others. While winter brings a slew of diseases like cold and cough, with summer comes a host of health problems like headache, flu, gastrointestinal diseases, and jaundice and skin rashes.

The immune system is the most important factor in the body to avoid any kind of disease. Change in weather during summer leads to a shift in temperature that leads to the growth of certain viruses and bacteria. Your immune system gets low during stress s, poor diet, inadequate sleep, obesity, lack of physical activity and neglecting protein-rich food.

Here are some other diet tips to stay healthy this summer:

  • Maintaining a good diet like consuming food rich in vitamins C, D, folic acid, vegetables, cereals and pulses will help in boosting the immunity.
  • Include foods which are rich in nutrients like vitamins C and E, plus beta carotene and zinc.
  • Go for a wide variety of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, including berries, citrus fruits, kiwi, apple, red grape, onion, spinach, sweet potato and carrot.
  • Fresh garlic is particularly good for immunity.
  • Avoid red meat, sugar, saturated fat and low-fibre foods major factor which affects our immune system. These food items lead to inflammation in the body, thereby causing several health issues.
  • Reduced sugar intake as high amounts curbs the immune system cells that attack bacteria.
  • Mixed fruit juice and mixed vegetable juice, especially with bitter gourd, will help increase immunity. Zinc and chromium, which are abundant in shell fish and vegetables, also improve a person’s immunity.
  • Consume high amount of green leafy vegetables, nuts, whole grains, sprouts and dairy products (mainly curd-based) can be good, for optimal functioning of immunity system.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics as gut modifiers, these foods also help maintain the immune system.
  • Adequate and regular hydration is a must.
  • Hygienic food must be consumed at all times .It is important to be cautious while eating out in summer, especially raw, uncooked food such as salads, chats, chutneys, juices and cut fruits as they might be contaminated.
  • The Superfoods of Summer include its fruits and vegetables which are in season now and deliver maximum health benefits. These include all berries, tomatoes, peaches, pineapples watermelons, capsicums, beetroots and figs which can boost your immunity.

Other items include nuts, dairy products, sprouts and fish.

For more information on your diet and immunity tips please contact Wockhardt Hospital.

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