64-year-old brain-dead woman gives new lease of life to three patients and donates liver and kidneys in Nagpur city


Honoring the will of 64 years old Shubhangi Madhukar Kasod, the relatives of the brain-dead patient donated her two kidneys and one liver giving a new lease of life to three different people.

Her brother Sudesh Ghate and Umesh Ghate along with her husband,  Madhukar Kasod, and son, Govind Kasod gave consent for the organ donation after being counseled by Dr. Pinak Dande &Veena Wathore.

The first kidney went to Wockhardt Hospital, Nagpur which was transplanted by Senior Urologist surgeon,  Dr.Sanjay Kolte, and the other kidney has been sent to Acharya Vinobha Bhave Rural Hospital, Wardha. The liver went to the Wockhardt  Hospital, Nagpur.

President of Nagpur, Zonal Transplant committee Dr.Vibhawari Dani and Dr. Kolte allotted the organs.

 Nagpur Zone Transplant Coordinator, Veena Wathode was in charge.

Transplant Coordinator& Administrative charge– Dr.RupaliNaik,  Dr.VitthalShinde, ArchanaSakharkar& Priyanka Chimote.

The deceased received a heroic ‘Guard of Honor for the Noble cause by Wockhardt Hospital staff & provided free ambulance service to their native place Charangov, Patur, dist. Akola.

With the help of 35-40 Traffic Police, Sonegaon Wardha district zone the ‘Kidney’ reached the destination.

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Source: https://thelivenagpur.com/2022/11/22/64-year-old-brain-dead-woman-gives-new-lease-of-life-to-three-patients-and-donates-liver-and-kidneys-in-nagpur-city/

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