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Ankle Sprain: Symptoms & Treatment

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Ankle Sprain

You are going for a morning jog, and you stumble.  You suddenly experience a shooting pain up your foot, through your ankle and calf. When you try to walk again the pain gets worse. You may have developed an ankle sprain.

Ankle sprains or twisted ankles are more common in active people and the ankle is one of the most frequently injured sites in sports and simple injuries.

An ankle sprain usually occurs when you accidentally roll on the ankle.  An ankle sprain occurs when the soft tissue in the joint is damaged.

Symptoms of An Ankle Sprain are:

Your ankle will bruise and the ankle will swell up to some degree and can be very painful.

What is a high ankle sprain?

A high ankle sprain is an ankle sprain that also involves the upper ligaments that hold the bones of the lower leg, the tibia and fibula, together.  These ligaments take a lot of stress with weight bearing and need sufficient time to rest after an injury. High ankle sprain injury is usually seen in soccer or rugby players.

Treatment of Ankle Sprain:

1) Applying ice to your twisted ankle as soon as possible will help to reduce blood flow to the injury and reduce swelling. A compress around the sprained ankle can be good for supporting the joint.

2) Pain killers can be taken.

3) Try to avoid putting any stress on your ankle could be the most important thing.

4) Ankle sprain exercises can be carried out by the third day to reduce the stiffness.  Try some gentle stretches; including rotating your ankle slowly, and pointing your toes, then pulling them back towards your shin.

5) Avoid excessive movement

6) Massage therapy on you sprained ankle can be beneficial

7)  Another mode for treatment of your ankle sprain is applying heat treatments when possible.

Recovery Period for Sprained Ankle:

Ankle sprain recovery time takes around ten days, but you may still have to restrict some movements. It is also recommended that you Continue stretching and exercising your ankle, continue the ankle sprain exercises if recommended.

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