Don’t Ignore Nose Dripping, Don’t Ignore Sinus; Look Out For These Symptoms - Wockhardt

Don’t Ignore Nose Dripping, Don’t Ignore Sinus; Look Out For These Symptoms

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Your dripping nose making it difficult for you to concentrate on your daily activities? Does your stuffy nose refuse to get better? Then, it is the right time to consult the doctor as this can be owing to a sinus problem which is also called sinusitis. Yes, that’s right! It will be the need of the hour to tackle this bothersome symptom of the sinus and lead a healthy life. Untreated sinus is painful and disrupts the daily routine. Read on to know more about this and just take care of yourself.

Did you skip your important presentation owing to a cold and stuffy nose? Are you unable to carry on with your daily activities due to a dripping nose? Embarrassed during a meeting due to the dripping nose? Is the color of the sputum changing? Then, it is alarming and needs a thorough evaluation. This is commonly seen during sinus or sinusitis problems. Here, we brief you about the sinus infection, causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

What Is The Sinus?

Did you know? A sinus infection occurs when the fluid builds up in the air-filled pockets in the face (sinuses) and encourages the growth of germs. Viruses lead to most sinus infections, but bacteria can also cause some sinus infections. There are a majority of people who encounter this problem.

Risk Factors

Certain factors such as having a previous cold, suffering from seasonal allergies, smoking, and secondhand smoke, structural nose problems like nasal polyps, and a weak immune system can make you fall prey to sinus problems. Structural nose problems like deviated nasal septum ( bone), nasal polyps, and weak immune system.


Those having sinus problems will showcase symptoms such as runny nose, stuffy nose, facial pain or pressure, headaches, sore throat, cough, and even bad breath. It will be imperative for you to seek immediate medical attention once you notice the symptoms. So, if these symptoms tend to last for -4 days without any improvement then do not delay seeking treatment as your health can deteriorate further.


The doctor will decide the line of treatment for you. You will have to take antibiotics as per the doctor’s advice. You can opt for a nasal spray, put a warm compress over the nose and forehead, and take steam from time to time.

Tips To Prevent Sinus Problems

Clean your hands before touching the face, take flu and pneumococcal vaccine, avoid coming in contact with those who have colds and other infections or allergies, avoid smoking and secondhand smoke, opt for a humidifier at home to breathe freely.


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