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Seven Vows Towards Healthy Life

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Vow 1: Prioritize Yourself

It is important to accept yourself the way you are, and then put yourself infront. This is not being selfish, this is being doubly responsible. Once you become responsible towards yourself, other responsibilities become easier to handle. Happiness sneaks in .

Vow 2: Eat Right

By this, I mean eat in right quantities, and with right mindset. Whatever diet you choose, make sure that it suits your body constitution. Drinking adequate water is also a part of eating right. It is important to be fit, rather than lean.

Vow 3: Sleep Well

Sleep always takes a backseat in our life. But it’s time to bring it infront and address it aptly. Atleast six hours of sleep is essential and all the fitness experts will vouch for this one.

Vow 4: Exercise

Yes, there’s no excuse to hard work. However lethargic you feel, the only way is to get up and go. Begin with thirty mins of work outs and indulge into whichever type of exercise you love. The crux is consistency in doing it.

Vow 5: Annual Health Check-Ups

We need to know what’s happening to the physiology of our body. It is our right and responsibility too. Whatever routine we are following , whether it is right or needs modification, we have to keep a track of it. That’s exactly where health checks help. They keep you abreast with the physiological changes in your body. If reports give a positive nod, you are on right path. If they show some derangements, correcting and modifying the lifestyle and routine is the answer. Makes sense, isn’t it?

Vow 6: Mental and Emotional Exercise

We all remember physical part of exercise well, but forget the mental and emotional part of it.

Mental fitness is pivotal as it helps to keep your mind calm by giving it some space to calm down . Meditation is a wonderful way of doing it. Meditation can vary from person to person. Do whatever makes you empty your mind of all thoughts . Focus on something that gives you spiritual happiness. Any creative activity can help in this one. For example, being a writer apart from being a doctor, my writing is my mediation. Creativity will help you carve “me” time for yourself.

Emotional exercise is all about exhaling out all the negatives. Communication helps. Talk things out. If you feel stuck in an emotional turmoil, talk it out. Find a confidante, converse, seek a shoulder to lean on. Dialogue, discussion, dialect help in dealing with dilemmas and dramas of life immensely. It also eases the clutter in the mind and makes way for good thoughts. A sound mind and sound body go hand in hand. Reach out, really!

Vow 7: Awareness About Common Diseases

Know about your family medical history, so that you are vigilant about them right from the beginning. Teach your children about the same.

Know about common disorders like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, heart diseases, pregnancy related issues, menstrual irregularities. When I say know about them, it’s not just about signs and symptoms, but also about the risk factors leading to them. Apart from family history, factors like smoking, alcohol, irregular food habits, obesity have to be kept in mind. After all prevention is better than cure.

Wow!! Seven vows towards healthy life!! They sound so sanctimonious already. All you have to do is, take the first step and you will already be on the road to health. The wings of your good health will automatically spread into your family and then flying high won’t be tough.

Last but not the least, be positive and be grateful. Positivity is the biggest motivation in life and gratitude is most happy emotion in life. So dear all, embrace life with these seven vows and celebrate being alive, in true sense.

By – Dr. Swapna Khanzode – Consultant-Internal Medicine and Critical Care

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