How to Turn Weakness into Strength? | Wockhardt Hospitals

How to Turn Weakness into Strength?

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No one is perfect, but a person shows their true character when she works on his/her weaknesses, without judging themselves.

Each one of us has a weak post, but the magic lies in embracing it and working towards getting better. Unfortunately, some of us take our weaknesses way too seriously, so much so that we go into a shell and just refuse to bounce back. That’s why girls, it’s high time you understand that embracing your weaknesses is the best way to display your strength. 

According to Dr. Rahul Khemani, a renowned psychiatrist at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai, humans has various layers to their personality. This means that we all have a part that is flawed, imperfect, and fallible. When we accept our imperfections, we open doors to change. And hence, the way to embrace your weakness is to not be blinded by your weakness.. 

Must be thinking it’s easier said than done? Then, let us tell you how to go about this.

How you Can Embrace your Weakness?

1. Recognize it

Everyone knows themselves better, and therefore they know their weaknesses too. So, your first and foremost task is to write down all the things that you consider your weakness, and check which one really has an impact on you.

The one that rates the highest is the one that you need to work on priority.

If you think you won’t be able to put down your weaknesses, take the help of your friends, who understand you best.

“Listen to your friends, teachers, mentors with an open mind, when they give you feedback and reflect on it. They might reveal things about you that you might have not noticed. When you accept your flaws, you start to look at them as opportunities for growth,” says Dr. Khemani.

2. Accept your weakness

Once you have figured your weak spots, it’s time to accept them. It isn’t necessary that you must agree with your friend if s/he tells you your weakness. For that, you really have to introspect and analyze if your friend is right or not.

And if s/he is, then accept your flaws gracefully.

3. Don’t be harsh on yourself

Trust us, one can be really harsh on themselves while addressing their own weaknesses. But instead of doing that, you need to chalk out a viable plan that will help you improve.

If you are going to be way too harsh, then there will be a time that you won’t even feel like working on yourself. This frustration can break your self-confidence and make you feel distressed.

4. Reward yourself

Getting appreciation from others is only temporary, but when you form a habit of rewarding yourself, it has a better impact on you. Not just that, it makes you a positive person and also inculcates a sense of achievement in you.

Celebrating yourself in overcoming your weaknesses makes you realize that you have the spirit to achieve the impossible – which in itself is a motivating force.

So the next time, when someone addresses your weak points, don’t get scandalized. Instead, work on your issues and move on.


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