A Challenging Journey of a Postman...Towards Recovery | Wockhardt Hospitals

A Challenging Journey of a Postman…Towards Recovery

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Prashant Yelawande, a 56-year-old postman employed by the central government, presented with multiple health issues requiring medical intervention.

Prashant initially reported severe pain in the lower part of his back, accompanied by difficulty in walking. Dr. Behram Pardiwala examined him and detected tenderness in the lumbosacral spine. Despite an orthopedic surgeon’s opinion that there was no significant issue, Dr. Pardiwala suspected an underlying abnormality. An MRI was performed, revealing the presence of pus in the Psoas region. A general surgeon was consulted to drain the collection. Following the drainage procedure, the patient experienced recurring pain below the left shoulder, which was found to be due to the presence of pus in that area.

Dr. Pardiwala suspected an underlying cause for the recurrent infections and ordered further investigation. Comprehensive evaluation revealed that the patient’s tricuspid valve was infected, leading to bacterial endocarditis. The infected tricuspid valve was identified as the source of the recurrent infections and abscesses.

Sharing his experience Dr. Behram Pardiwala, Internal Medicine, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central mentioned, “Although the surgeon suspected tuberculosis as the possible cause, I insisted on further investigation to determine the source of infection. Upon comprehensive evaluation, it was discovered that the patient’s tricuspid valve was infected. As a result, emboli were being released from the infected valve, leading to the formation of abscesses throughout the body. Once the infected tricuspid valve was identified, it was diagnosed as bacterial endocarditis (Infection of a heart valve).”

Antibiotics were initially administered to address the infection in the tricuspid valve. However, despite antibiotic treatment, the infection persisted. Dr. Gulshan Rohra, a cardiac surgeon, was consulted, and it was determined that the patient also had coronary artery disease. Surgical intervention was planned to address both conditions.

Surgical procedures performed by Dr. Gulshan Rohra:

  • Removal of infective mass
  • Tricuspid valve replacement
  • Atrial septal closure
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)

Dr. Gulshan Rohra, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, who operated the patient, said, “Through a comprehensive surgical approach, including removal of the infective mass, tricuspid valve replacement, atrial septal closure, and coronary artery bypass grafting, we were able to successfully address the complex health issues faced by Mr. Prashant Yelawande. The patient’s remarkable recovery and restoration of mobility are a testament to the effectiveness of the surgical interventions. Our collaborative efforts aimed at providing the best possible care and achieving a positive outcome for the patient.”

The patient’s surgery and postoperative period were uneventful. He was able to mobilize within the first 48 hours after surgery. Following the completion of the prescribed course of antibiotics, Prashant was discharged from the hospital after a 45-day stay. He made a remarkable recovery, regaining full mobility and being able to walk and engage in regular activities without any limitations.

Due to the extensive damage caused by the infection to the heart, it is anticipated that the patient may require a pacemaker in the near future. Further evaluation and planning will be done to address this potential need.

Through the collaborative efforts of Dr. Behram Pardiwala and Dr. Gulshan Rohra, Prashant Yelawande’s complex health issues were successfully addressed. The timely diagnosis and appropriate surgical interventions resulted in a positive outcome, allowing the patient to regain his health and normal daily activities. On-going medical care and future considerations will be crucial to ensure his continued well-being.

            “I faced mountains of challenges, but with unwavering determination and the support of an exceptional medical team of Wockhardt Hospitals, I conquered my complex health issues. My journey has taught me that resilience knows no bounds, and healing is possible against all odds.”

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