Quick intervention of Peripheral Artery Disease - saved 65yr old patient - Wockhardt

Quick intervention of Peripheral Artery Disease – saved 65yr old patient

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Peripheral artery disease (PAD) primarily occurs, due to decreased blood flow to the limbs caused by a blocked artery. This can result in arm fatigue, pain, and weakness, particularly with use. Peripheral Artery Disease is most commonly associated with the legs and feet, although it does include conditions caused by the blockage of blood flow in the blood vessels of both the arms and hands.

A 65-year-old patient, who was suffering from upper limb artery blockage in the right arm, came to the Wockhardt hospital, Mumbai Central, with symptoms of numbness and bluish discoloration in his right arm.

The patient was also suffering from from diabetes and was on kidney dialysis, post-bypass surgery with multiple health problems. At Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central, he was advised colour Doppler and an angiography, to assess his circulation status in his arm. It was, diagnosed that there was severe blockage of the arteries in his hand and blood supply was cut off causing the numbness and discolouration.

Arm artery disease is a circulatory disorder where arteries in the arm are blocked or narrowed, unable to carry oxygen-rich blood into the arms. It is caused due to several factors such as high blood cholesterol sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, high BP tobacco and much more. As the disease, develops one may experience bluish discoloration skin. These symptoms are caused by the narrowed arteries inability to supply the necessary oxygen to the muscles. This condition can lead to increased risk of amputation, heart attack, and stroke.

Dr. Ravi Gupta, Cardiologist and team at , Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central with their clinical expertise and quick intervention, performed a limb saving procedure and restored the circulation in the patient’s arm. Dr Gupta revealed “We used hard wires and balloon to open an artery so blood flow started in the palm. In this procedure, it was important to save not only limb but also AV Fistula which is necessary for his regular dialysis.”

For information on treatment and management of peripheral arterial disease please visit our vascular surgery department at Wockhardt Hospital.

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