Eye Infections During Monsoon: Some Full-Proof Tricks To Protect Your Peepers - Wockhardt

Eye Infections During Monsoon: Some Full-Proof Tricks To Protect Your Peepers

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Are you unable to focus on work owing to redness or dry eyes? Cannot perform your daily work with ease due to eye irritation or discharge? Then, you may be suffering from an eye infection, and you can blame it on the monsoon.

Yes, that’s right! Monsoon is no doubt pleasing, but it also brings along a plethora of health problems. During the rainy season, you might be susceptible to eye infections as the moisture content in the air creates a favorable condition for bacteria, viruses, and other germs to grow and multiply.

Eye infections are quite common during this time of the year. People can present with red eye, eye discharge, watering, light sensitivity, etc. The cause can be viral, bacterial infections, or allergies. The treatment for these need proper diagnosis and tailored treatment but there are some common things that one can do by the time one gets to see an eye specialist said, Dr. Sandeep Kataria, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Wockhardt Hospitals.

Eye Care Tips For Rainy Season

  • One can wash eyes with plain cold water frequently to reduce the organism load in the eye.
  • Coldwater compresses every 2 hours helps to reduce the pain or inflammation associated with infections in general.
  • One must sanitize hands frequently and avoid touching or rubbing one’s eyes.
  • Infections can be quite contagious and one must avoid going to work and protect family members from getting infected by not sharing linen and common spaces.
  • One must avoid using steroid drops or a combination of antibiotic steroid drops that are easily available at the chemist stores.
  • It’s safer to use lubricating drops till you seek proper medical attention.

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