Jumping Ropes


Jul, 2021

Know-How Jumping Rope Can Help You Shed Kilos: Try Skipping For A Low-Cost, No-Fuss Way To Lose Weight

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Music jump rope is a special type of jump rope and is among the group of exercises that is performed with background music, where the participants must move their hands and feet to match the beat and tempo of the music The Department of Physical Therapy, Korea Nazarene University, Republic of Korea (South Korea) in 2017 carried out an interesting study, titled “The effects of dance music jump rope exercise…

Breathing exercises


Jun, 2020

Breathing exercises to elevate your Mind

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The following yogic breathing exercises to improve your mood will consciously change/control the breath and to make our mind steady, focused and peaceful. 1. Shapes Breath Sitting in front of one another, one partner guides the other's breathing by asking them to follow the movements of their hand with their breath. When she raises her hand upward (slowly), it means inhale; when she moves her hand horizontally, it means hold…