Jan, 2021

Customized Knee Replacement Surgery

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Wockhardt Hospital is the country’s premier hospital specializing in the care of the musculoskeletal system. They benefit from the experience of its professionals providing comprehensive orthopedic care to its patients. The bone and joint program at Wockhardt Hospitals make it a center for excellence in orthopedics with highly skilled clinical expertise. Total knee replacement is often the last option when conservative options fail to relieve the pain and retard the…

Knee Replacement


Nov, 2019

Knee Replacement: Golden Solution for metal implant allergies

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Metal allergies today, can become a hindrance to cure a chronic inflammatory condition like arthritis in the knee joint. The implants used generally in knee replacement, generally entail placing an implant made of cobalt and chromium. Patients who have been diagnosed with metal allergy cannot undergo the procedure. Dejected, patients feel that a door closes, of ever getting cured of pain throughout their life. Thanks to medical science today, a…