May, 2021

How much skincare is too much skincare

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The beauty product industry is a 450 billion dollar industry. And with the spread and reach of digital media everywhere, this industry has taken the upward spiral owing to the increasing influence of social media trends, beauty bloggers, and Instagram influencers. Moreover, owing to the current pandemic situation, we are spending a lot more time at home and focusing on our skincare regime more than ever, and there’s a possibility that…

Skin allergy during monsoon


Aug, 2020

Did you know monsoon is the season for skin allergies? Here are 5 you must know

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The rainy season not just brings respite from the heat, but it also brings with it a host of skin problems like rashes and fungal infections. After the scorching heat of the summer comes monsoon with the much-needed respite. But with the change of temperature and increase in humidity, the rainy season also rings allergies and skin-related issues. Skin allergies are some of the most commonly encountered problems during this…