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Dr Rabiya Koya

Dr. Rabiya Koya

Consultant Aesthetic Dental Surgeon
13 Years
Special Interest


North Mumbai – Mira Road

• General Dentistry
• Smile designing
• Digital dentistry
• Customize solutions
• Entire facial makeover

Dr. Rabiya Koya, a distinguished Aesthetic Dentist and fervent Artificial Intelligence enthusiast, has seamlessly blended her expertise in dentistry with cutting-edge technology. Following the completion of her BDS degree, she delved into the realms of Aesthetic Medicine, earning a fellowship in the field. Driven by a passion for innovation, she further honed her skills through an Artificial Intelligence course and proficiency in Python coding. Specializing in Aesthetic Smile Design, Guided Implantology, and Facial Aesthetics alongside fundamental dentistry, Dr. Koya stands out for her multifaceted approach.

Her digital prowess extends to being a Digital Expert in dental practice, leveraging technology to enhance patient care. Dr. Koya’s involvement in medical image data processing and model building within Artificial Intelligence reflects her commitment to pushing boundaries. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, she is a repeat nominee and winner in both dental and AI spheres. Additionally, her accomplishments include impactful paper presentations and the publication of national and international articles in esteemed journals, solidifying her status as a trailblazer in the intersection of dentistry and technology.

13 Years

• Two-time Best Dentist at Famdent and Global Research Award.
• One time Silver and one Bronze awards for her exceptional work in digital and AI in dentistry at famdent show in Mumbai.

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