Lungs of a woman washed with saline water to treat very rare disease

Doctor: Sameer Arbat

The human body is full of complex mechanisms which often present as anomalies and rare diseases. One such rare disease is Primary Alveolar Proteinosis (PAP) which affects only 0.2 per million population. A 65-year-old female was treated at Wockhardt hospitals Nagpur for PAP – a disease in which protein gets accumulated inside the lungs leading to a decrease in oxygen exchange. The woman had complaints of breathing difficulty and progressive hypoxia (fall in blood oxygen levels). “We performed Whole Lung Lavage of both lungs  – a complex procedure of washing the lungs to remove protein deposits. After 10 cycles of saline instillation and drainage, we were able to wash the left lung with 8 liters of saline and the right lung with 8.8 liters of saline. We used the modified WLL to clean the lungs and clear it from most of the protein deposits”, informed, Dr. Sameer Arbat, Consultant- Interventional Pulmonology.

The procedure was successful with no adverse events and the patient was discharged with significant improvement in radiological and clinical condition. Interventional Pulmonology is an advanced field of Pulmonology that deals with high-end equipment for treating lung diseases. Wockhardt Nagpur is equipped with an advanced Interventional Pulmonology setup led by Dr. Sameer Arbat who is a pioneer of Interventional Pulmonology in Central India.

Dr. Sameer Arbat
Consultant – Interventional Pulmonology
Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur

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