National Cancer Awareness Day: 7 November, 2024 | Wockhardt Hospitals

National Cancer Awareness Day: 7 November, 2024

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In India, November 7 is considered the National Cancer Awareness Day. It is an annual event which is dedicated to underscoring the significance of this disease and helping individuals get a better understanding of the critical aspects associated with its timely identification, effective treatment, and accurate diagnosis.

According to the reports by the World Health Organization, Cancer is still a leading contributor to mortality rates in the country. In India, as many as 1.1 million new cancer cases are reported every single year, highlighting the severe burden the disease has on the nation’s healthcare system and population. A large proportion of these cancer cases are detected when the disease has already reached an advanced stage, greatly compromising the prospects of successful treatment and survival.

To tackle this huge issue, several initiatives and programs have been taken up in India, with the aim to intensify research and initiatives focused on the prevention of cancer and ensuring the disease is diagnosed and treated at an early stage. These efforts are made to address the root causes, promote healthier lifestyles, and facilitate timely screenings to ensure that cancer is identified at a stage when treatments can be most effective. Ultimately, National Cancer Awareness Day is a powerful reminder of the imperative need for collective action to fight this health challenge in India and around the world.

History of National Cancer Awareness Day

National Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the renowned Nobel Prize laureate, Madame Curie. She was born in 1867, and she is celebrated for several of her groundbreaking discoveries, which have contributed immensely to the ongoing battle against cancer. Her excellent research has helped in the developments in the field of nuclear energy and the use of radiotherapy for cancer treatment.

National Cancer Awareness Day, thus, serves not only as a tribute to Madame Curie but also as a reminder of the huge impact her scientific endeavours have had on our capacity to combat cancer. It is a day of recognition for her significant role in advancing the field of oncology and improving the lives of countless individuals affected by this condition.

What To Do On National Cancer Awareness Day

There are several ways to observe National Cancer Awareness Day. Individuals can engage in various activities on this day to enhance their understanding of the condition and combat it.

  • Understanding the condition: Learn more about the different forms of cancer, their causes, risk factors, and how early detection can be beneficial. Patients should stay informed about the latest advancements in cancer research and treatment, as these are constantly evolving.
  • Get screened for cancer: If your doctor has recommended a cancer screening due to suspicion of cancer, such as a mammogram or colonoscopy, use this special day as a reminder to schedule the appointment. Early detection can significantly improve the chances of successful treatment.
  • Spread awareness about the condition: Patients can utilise social media, blogs, or organise events to share information about cancer prevention and educate others about its signs, symptoms, and the importance of regular check-ups. Encouraging friends and family to do the same is essential.
  • Support cancer organisations: Patients or individuals interested in contributing to cancer research and treatment can make donations to organisations that support cancer research. Many organisations focus on improving cancer care and funding research related to this condition.


National Cancer Awareness Day allows people to educate themselves about this condition and support early detection or prevention of the disease. Doing your part can contribute to raising awareness of this condition.

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