Nutrition Week 1st to 7th : Eat right - Wockhardt

Nutrition Week 1st to 7th : Eat right

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National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week is celebrated each year from 1st September to the 7th September to aware the people about important tips of their health and well-being.

The role of your diet in life plays the most important role in promotion of health and wellbeing of a human being.

A good and balanced diet habit improves the quality of life, as poor diet might cause morbidity and illnesses.”

It is about getting enough all of the right foods in the calories allotted plus minimizing the processed foods that are over-consumed. In our super busy worlds where high-calorie, palatable foods are both convenient and abundant, nutrition for most consumers should be more about making good food choices rather than worrying about being vitamin deficient.”…Therefore EAT RIGHT.

People must be aware be aware of their food groups and balanced diet from which they can get good nutritious things.

A healthy should include the whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fat-free milk or milk products, meats, fish, nuts, seeds and etc.

At Wockhardt hospital out diet and nutrition department play a vital role in the providing nutritional care to patients in various disease states and conditions.

  • Our dietitians monitor, assess, and optimize nutrition status based on the patient’s current medical condition and/or nutrition adequacy. Our dietician forms an integral part our medical team and focuses on managing the diet of patient as part of our care.
  • Our diet services coordinates with our doctors and asses the nutritional needs, and make necessary they make recommendations for tube and intravenous feedings and/or dietary supplements in a hygienic way.
  • In addition to the medical treatment , dietary advice is given to various conditions such diabetes, obesity, weight loss management program, cardiac conditions, paediatric groups, kidney patient, cancer patient ,new born mothers and surgical conditions ,critical care bariatric surgery etc. In all these conditions it plays an integral role in managing patients and assisting in their smooth recovery.
  • Clinical dietitians council patients how to make nutritionally sound food choices to speed the recovery process, prevent disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Special assessment techniques are carried to evaluate and customise diet plans in the hospital for every patient as per the condition at Wockhardt Hospital.

Our Weight Loss Program:

At Wockhardt Hospital our Endocrinology department, Diabetes and Weight Management Centre at Wockhardt Hospital treat various endocrine disorders .The division has an integrated multi-disciplinary model for providing comprehensive management of the entire range of endocrine conditions. Wockhardt Hospital also has unique weight management centre. Together with India’s only physician certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine, our centre focuses on medical management of overweight and obesity conditions.

We have a multidisciplinary team consisting of physicians, dieticians, counsellors and exercise physiologists. The protocol delivers an international evidence-based management for safe and effective weight loss. The program also works in close collaboration with surgical approaches for weight management for those patients that need it, as the Hospital is also a Centre of Excellence for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

To know about how you can improve your diet and understand its supportive role in treating various conditions, please contact Wockhardt Hospital.

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