Back Injuries a Common Concern in the Monsoon Season | Wockhardt Hospitals

Back Injuries a common concern in the Monsoon season

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Back Injuries

The torrential rains in Mumbai have always been a concern and major health hazard. One of the usual adversities that the monsoon season causes is damage to the roads creating uneven footpaths, pot-holed roads and inevitable open drains.

The spinal cord is a long, fragile tube-like structure that begins at the end of the brain stem and continues down almost to the bottom of the spine. It consists of nerves that carry incoming and outgoing messages between the brain and the rest of the body. The human spinal cord acts as our entire centre for reflexes. Spinal cord injuries are very common due to road accidents. Any damage can lead Loss of normal bowel and bladder control, Numbness Sensory changes and Pain, weakness, and paralysis.

Motorists especially bikers are tormented and hassled with these terrible road conditions every year during this time. Doctors evaluate and treat many bike related injuries and the cases seem to on a rise every year due to the road conditions. One of the most common injuries seen in emergency units is fracture of the spinal cord. Other than spinal injuries, lower back and neck wear and tears have also been observed in many motorists as well.

Dr. Urkesh Shah consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Sterling Wockhardt Hospitals Vashi advises that avoiding two wheelers could be the best solution, however if a motorist is riding  his bike it would be imperative that he wears protective gear like knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets to reduce the chances of injuries to vital areas in the body.

Spine Surgery is a surgical speciality which is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of spine functions by managing various spinal disorders. It includes both non-operative and complex operative treatment modalities. At a glance, Spine Surgery in India, is a combination of orthopaedic and neurosurgical surgery. The speciality comprises a gamut of spinal surgeries with an aim to relieve pain, stabilization of spine and decompression of spinal cord/nerves.

At Wockhardt Hospitals the Spine Care services  is running A MULTI DISCIPLIANRY program in the country by a team of dedicated and highly experienced spine surgeons, neurophysicians neurosurgeons pain block experts, physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts.  The speciality has one of the best of state of the art equipment, world class infrastructure, and diagnostic services in achieving the right diagnosis and bringing about optimal care.

The Spine care services department at Wockhardt Hospitals is well complimented by an excellent physical therapy and rehabilitation department.

If you are complaining of any spinal concerns or injuries in monsoon season please visit our centres at Wockhardt Hospitals.

Wockhardt Hospitals have been regarded as canters of excellence in field of neurosurgery including spine, with facilities in North Mumbai (Mira road), South Mumbai (Mumbai Central), Navi Mumbai (Vashi), Nagpur, Nasik and  Rajkot. Wockhardt Hospitals is having state-of-the-art infrastructure whose prime objective is patient safety first and quality of care at the core of its strategy. The guiding philosophy is to serve and enrich the Quality of Life of patients and to make life win.

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